Husband is a sneaky bastard, but I love him dearly.

I'm a 51 year old married woman, a branch manager at a small bank branch in a fairly large strip mall. Just two teller windows, and a small desk for me behind the counter.I have been married to a very fine man for 30 years. From the time I was 33 up until 45 I cheated on him with five different men. Two of those being one night stands on seminar trips for the bank. The other three being full-blown affairs. He never knew about the one night stands I had on the road, but found out about the other three affairs. The first one caused a pretty big mess in our marriage. The other two he never said much about, other than to subtly let me know he knew what I was up to. At this point let me clarify that our sex life never suffered during any of these, as a matter of fact it mostly became more intense, because I was in a heightened state of arousal most of the time. After the last Affair ended when I was 45, I decided that I should mend my ways, and return to being the dutiful, and faithful wife that I was for the first several years of my marriage. This went great up until 3 months ago, even though I had ample opportunity to cheat again, as I have been told I'm still a very attractive woman even at my age. I however, since hitting the big 50, was really beginning to doubt it, and was pretty bummed about getting old. I have always been petite, 5'3", and about 110 lbs. My self esteem was not helped by the fact that I had put on 10 lbs in the last year, or so that I can't seem to get rid of. Anyway, in the second week of February this year I got quite a
boost to my diminishing opinion of my sex appeal. Around 6:30 pm, 30 minutes before closing time, on Wednesday of that 2nd week a very handsome young man i guessed to be in his early thirties, turns out he is 28, came in to the bank wanting to open a checking account. So we sat down at my desk to fill out the necessary paperwork. He proceeded to tell me that he owned a small lawn maintenance company, and his regular bank where he has his business account closes at 5pm, and many times he is still working at that time. He wanted to create a small account with us in case he needed to cash an emergency check, or deposit some cash that a customer might pay him for a job. During our interaction he was staring at me intently, and making long eye contact almost as if undressing me with his eyes. I tried not to pay too much attention to it, and then he said to me you have the most beautiful hands. Before I could process that he said but it's no wonder on such a beautiful lady. I thanked him, and told him that was sweet of him, as I felt the blood rush to my face. It suddenly felt like it was a hundred degrees in there. He then asked if I was married, and I told him I definitely was. He said just my luck, the hot women are always married. at this point I began to squirm a little bit in my chair, as I attempted to be polite, and not let it show that I was becoming highly aroused at his flirting. I passed it off as he was probably quite the Ladies Man, and talk to all the girls this way. I was also telling myself that I had resisted any of this kind of suggestive talk for a few years now. I was really committed to stay the straight and narrow. We finished our business, and he handed me $400.00 cash as his initial deposit. As he was leaving he jokingly remarked are you sure you're married? I laughed and said I'm sure. In the next two weeks he came in the bank five or six times, always just before closing time, and always made it a point to wait until I acknowledged him so he could say hello to me, no matter which one of the three of us working happened to wait on him. The first week of March, again on a Wednesday, he was in again right before closing time. I waited on him, and he cashed a small check apparently from a customer of his. He said he was done for the day, and was going to the little restaurant just down the mall to have a beer and a burger, and asked me if I would care to join him. I told him thanks, but no I had to be getting home. he said well the invitation is open anytime. I told him thanks, but I just couldn't. After I locked up, and headed to my car he was waiting for me on the parking lot, and asked me how about a coffee then? He said one coffee won't hurt, so I relented, and we drove in separate cars to the bookstore on the far end of the mall. We sat and talked for about an hour, just small talk, about family work etc. as I told him I needed to be getting home, he said maybe we can go have a beer or a drink, and get that burger Friday night. I said maybe so. Friday evening came and went, only this time he didn't show. I was disappointed in myself, because I kept watching the door waiting for him to show up. Just as I was getting in my car, there he was, wanting to know if I was ready to get that burger, and beer. I called my husband, and told him I was going to go have a drink with a friend, and I
would be home soon. We walked down the sidewalk to the restaurant about 100' down the way. we ate, and he had a couple of beers, and I had a margarita.
As the conversation got friendlier he began to tell me how sexy he thought I was. I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable, and thinking could I be allowing this to happen again? I attempted to make my break for it,, and told him I needed to be getting home. He decided to walk me to my car, and when we got there he opened the door for me to get in, and then walked around to the passenger side and tapped on the window for me to unlock the door. We talked for a minute, and then he leaned in to kiss me. I backed away initially, and he said he was sorry. I then could stand it no longer, and pulled him to me as we began to kiss, and grope away at each other. In an instant he had his hand up my skirt, and I began getting his rock hard erection free from his jeans. We were breathing, and fondling each other for all we were worth. He said my apartment is only two miles let's go. So, I drove us as he fingered my soaking wet pussy. When we got inside we never made it past the living room as he took me violently on the rug, and coffee table. He rode me like the world would end the next morning. I lost count of the orgasms I had before I felt him tense, and deliver streams of warmth into me. I could hardly catch my breath. We carried on this way 3, or 4 times a week until this past Friday night, when after another steaming session he revealed the deceptive situation I had fallen for. You see he, and my husband had conspired for him to seduce me. He showed me text messages between he, and my husband detailing in chronological order from the beginning how his progress was coming to get me on my back. Why I asked would you do this to me? He said I needed to go home, and my husband would explain everything. I was furious! I cussed him something awful. I left, and as I drove home I was in tears. Mad at my husband, and him for doing this to me, and mad at myself for allowing it to happen. I had been so good for so long, and now look at me.What would I say when I got home? How could I justify my anger at my husband when it had been me having sex with another man just half an hour ago? I resolved that no matter what I was going to vent my anger for him setting me up this way. When I walked in there was an eerie silence between my husband, and myself for a minute that seemed like 60. I finally got the courage to say why? Why would you deliberately tempt me with this guy over 20 years younger than me? No wonder this incredibly sexy
younger man was paying attention to me. What he said next stunned me. He said L, look at yourself. 3 months ago you were moping about growing old, beating yourself up because you gained a few pounds. Now look at you. In just over two months you have gotten your hair permed, bought new sexy clothes, and new pairs of shoes. You spend more time in the mornings on your hair, and makeup than you have in 5 years. You are excited to get put of bed in the mornings. You are so alive that it's amazing. Now, I'm sorry that I deceived you, but I'm not sorry for the excitement I have seen in your eyes, and believe me, I secretly showed you to him before we started this ruse. I did not have to convince him to want to be with you. Once he understood I was serious he jumped at the opportunity to sleep with a beautiful woman such as yourself. I love you no less for what you've done, and was so happy to see you happy. I could not move. I was paralyzed to see the love in his eyes. Maybe this is strange to some. I don't really care, but this worked fo r us, and I couldn't be more in love with this man if I tried.


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  • Very well written, finally someone who can spell and punctuate!

  • But has no clue about paragraph indentation.

  • Little do you know your husband has been getting it on the side too and it's something he's been doing all these years, at least since he found out about the three affairs. He likely never quit those as you tried to do and had you set up to make things right in his mind. Soon you will hit the change with the dreaded middle aged spread, Your pussy will dry up like Death Valley and you won't have the slightest inclination for sex. Hubby will still be screwing around on you then what will you do? Become faithful by default?

  • So wonderful I actually think it may be true, I would not like to be disappointed did you keep fucking with the other guy ?

  • Many things are hot, but few things smoulder. Arranged seductions do.

  • I enjoyed reading this as well.

  • Beautiful story

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