I love my breasts stimulated

I have super sensitive areolae and nipples, even the skin on my breasts tingles when I slide my fingers over them. I was around twelve when my breasts began to develop and I can remember shirts stimulating my nipples and making me tingle with excitement. I have always started with my breasts when playing with myself, even today in my middle thirties I will start caressing a nipple to get started.
My husband loves them as well, he is a man after all. He will caress my breasts for quite some time watching me move and moan under his touches. He has told me that I have perfect nipples, he had no idea what areolae were until I told him but he loves the way the puff up and my nipple pushes even further when erect. I love it when he licks and sucks on them for a long time, we usually use a vibe on my clit for extra stimulation.
He also loves it when I wear a bikini, I do not use any padding and just let them be on display pushing the material out.

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