Overcame temptation

One of my daughter's friends recently came out as a lesbian. She's only twelve years old, so I think she's extremely brave, I'm glad her family supports her, and I'm proud of my daughter for standing by her.

She's sleeping over here tonight, just for fun. Girls being girls. However, when she and I had a moment or two alone together, she made a pass at me. She said she "always had a thing for older women," and I felt her undress me with her eyes. I muttered something that I can't even remember and turned away, only for her to wrap her arms around me and press herself against me. When she kissed the back of my neck I yelped, told her this was inappropriate, and practically flew out of the room.

She didn't mention anything the rest of the night, or when I checked on them before going to bed.

I'm glad I didn't do anything with her, but I'm not going to lie: I thought about it. And it still ties me on, even just a little.

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  • Dewit

  • You did good walking away, as hard as it was.

  • I’d love to hear if she can make you tremble

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