I know it is wrong !!!!....

I love to play sniffed and lick dirty panties.

Preteen panties I love to take panties
And chase their young little yellow discharge young girls especially preteen discharge is so yummy it taste like candy.

After I lick their crotch clean I take the panties and wrap them around my heart of fat cock and shoot my huge wad in them.

I am disabled I am in a wheelchair and I am on SSI and I cannot work due to me being in a wheelchair.

So I don't have very much money and the little bit of money I do get goes to rent and other bills.
I would love love love if anyone out there especially those with young preteen daughters would send me a pair of their daughters dirty panties for free in the mail.

I know it is wrong but I can't help myself I just love the smell of young preteen pussy it gives me the hardest biggest erection ever.

If you can help me out and send me a pair of panties please respond back when you respond please respond with your daughter's name age race breast size and if she has any hair on her vagina or not !!!!!

Maybe you can even take it one step further and send me a picture of her with your reply once I get your reply I will give you the address and the info where to send the underwear.

Thank you so much for your kindness and your time God bless you you do not know how much you are appreciated take care.



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  • I like to jerk off with my daughter's panties, then shoot my load in the crotch. Then I put them back--I love knowing she wears them with my cum rubbing over her wet pussy all day.

  • Death is the only cure for what ails you. I hope you are cured very soon.

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