Tired of fucking mom

I'm getting so fucking tired of fucking my mother. I really loved it when we first started fooling around and she taught me all about sex. The first time she let me slide my throbbing cock up her tight hot pussy was probably the best night of my entire life, and I will remember it fondly for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, after 6 years of fucking her, I'm getting bored and have pretty much lost all desire to fuck her anymore. The past year and a half, I pretty much just do her because I know she loves it, and I love her, and I don't want to hurt her feelings by telling her I don't want to fuck her anymore. I'm almost 18 now, and I think maybe it's time I tell her that I need to move out and find a woman of my own, but I have a feeling she will not let me go. I'm scared shitless of what she might do. Every time I've ever tried to have a girlfriend, mom acts really jealous and manages to break us up before we ever get sexual. I think my best option is just to go into the military as soon as I graduate this year. When I turn 18, I can sign up without her even knowing, then I can be gone without having to tell her I'm leaving. Sounds kinda cruel, but I really got to get away from this fucked up shit.

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  • No, for the sake of argument, I'm going to throw you a touch o' slack & believe some o' this is genuine in some way, shape or form. To that point and like ANY dame, a man may well tire of the same vagina after a few years. We comprehend that. Even further however is that regardless of provisions regarding the relationship, no broad wants to lose the man & penis she is comfortable & secure with. Likewise the static you'll receive from her & the strategy she will pursue toward keeping you & your penis inside her.

    As such, one seriously needs to consider their options. One may find the military isn't what is sold to them. Keep in mind the marketing involved with any and all options you have. It's very easy to make a LASTING, fundamental error when one is as young as you are. One needs to KEEP ASKING questions and getting insight from as many as one can BEFORE decisions are made.
    Keep common sense about at all times.

    Follow this fundamental advice and someday you may be like me, where I can pick any car in the aisle & GO.
    What can I say. Control suits me.


  • Sounds cruel? Dude, your mom is a pedophile who's ruining your relationships. Running away from her is far from cruel enough.

  • Yeah, maybe so, but she's still my mother, that she will always be, regardless of whatever else goes on between us. Those other young guys out there who fantasize about fucking your mothers, be careful of what you wish for. Not saying it isn't awesome nut busting fun, but probably the fun wont last forever. At this point, not blaming mom or myself, we were both willing, but I wish we hadn't started doing it. No easy way out at this point.

  • Knock her up if she is still fertile. Fantasies aside, you have no idea how destructive a baby is to libido and relationships. Actually a good way to press reset, and break things off without hurting her once her affections are transferred to the new most important thing in her life.

  • Well that is certainly 1 way to move on.

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