Sex on a greyhound

A bus, not a dog, you sick fucks!
So, anyway, last month I had to ride the silver dog from Portland Oregon to New York. Started off with a pretty full bus, mostly older people, pretty boring trip, but they did have wifi so I could entertain myself on my I-phone. The second night on the bus, we had dropped most of the other riders, and there were only 8 of us on the bus. We stopped in a small town and a couple of decent looking girls borded. They looked to be around 18 to 20. One of them was a little chubby, but they were both pretty. I was sitting in the third row from the back, and they walked past me and set in the back seat. They both smiled at me as they walked by. I heard them giggling a lot and figured I would head back to the restoom and check them out. They were both starring at me so I smiled and said hi as I walked past. As I left the toilet room, one of them said hi and asked me to set down and talk with them. Naturally, I set down right down and started in with the usual small talk. After a few minutes, the chubby one, who had been playing with her tablet, smiled and showed me a video she was watching online. It was a porn clip of two chicks sucking a mans cock. She asked me if I liked, and I said hell yeah. Next thing I knew, they had my pants pulled down around my ankles and were both taking turns sucking my seven inch bone. I only lasted about four minutes before I blew my load in one of them's mouths.
After a couple of minutes, I had recovered enough to ask if I could return the favor. They both pulled down their pants and panties, and I buried my face in the fat girls crotch. She tasted surprisingly good and was dripping wet. The other chick pulled up her shirt and let the fat girl suck on her tits while I ate her out. She let out a muffled scream after about five minutes, and I could feel her vagina spasm around my fingers as I sucked on her clit. I then moved over to the other chick and did the same to her. She stopped me after a few minutes and said she needed my cock in her, so I straddled her on the seat and slipped my cock inside of her tight, hot pussy. After about ten minutes, she came hard on my cock, then I told her I was going to cum again. She told me to fill her pussy full, so I did. As I pulled my limp cock out of her, her chuby friend climbed between her legs and licked her pussy clean. About that time, an old lady walked past us and saw what we were doing. She glared at us then went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she left the toilet and walked up to the driver and apparently told him what we were doing, because he promptly booted us off the bus at the next stop. We had a 24 hour wait until the next bus came through, so I asked the two girls if they wanted to share a motel room with me while we waited. We spent most of the next 24 hours naked, doing some freaky shit together. Turns out they were sisters, and only one of them was 18.

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