Babysitting sex

Im a white female, I got a boyfriend who is white my best friend is a white female and her boyfriend is black.

One day my best friend asked me to come to her house to watch her daughter who is also white from another relationship while she goes to work and her black boyfriend is upstairs sleeping and it was very early morning,my boyfriend stayed at his home to sleep. I had to be there. So my friend left for work. About half hour later her black boyfriend came down stairs.
We chatted for awhile and caught him few times staring at my tits. Well when I went over to get something out my bag I bent over to pick my bag up and he came over and slapped my ass. I actually kinda liked it.
We talked more and while my friends daughter was still in bed. I made out with my friends black boyfriend. We went up to my friends bedroom. I unzipped his pants and OMG monster cock bigger then my boyfriends. I sucked him off we then had sex quickly and it was amazing. But feel shitty afterwards cause I cheated.

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  • Boring another white chick fucking a black dude..... BULLSHIT💩

  • Dumb niggers

  • Dumb ass

  • Way to ruin your friendship - unless she likes sharing her bf. Ask her is she would do that or if she would consider swapping with you and your bf. They both may be up for that

  • This is trippy! I'm a dude(black) this happened to me! My baby mom's sis(white) was helping me babysit and couldn't resist my print so I let her suck the nut out, ate her till she came and we never spoke about it! But I get the occasional winks...

  • Sexy, what positions he fuck you in?

  • I rode him missionary and he fucked me doggy style.

  • Hmmm.... so your friend has you over there to babysit when her boyfriend, is quite capable of watching the little one?

  • Yeah weird!

  • It sounds so hot. You should fuck him more and tell us about it. Don’t feel bad either. It’s just sex. We are animals

  • I agree with you completly if its sex and pleasure its good to be done with everyone no matter waht and dont keep it just in our mind

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