Sex fluids

We had been married a while now I think we had done most normal things , But I don't know why I wanted to see my wife piss , Bringing this up I found very difficult this went on for some time , Then we had been out for a few drinks one night my wife wanted a wee she said she was feeling really desperate , There was a little wooded area I said go there so she ran into the bushes I followed her , She took her knickers off crouched down with her skirt pulled up then noticed I was standing there , She said go away I don't want you watching me but I stood there ,My wife said fuck it I got to go then started pissing to me it was a vision , When she had finished she said enjoy that did you thanks for the privacy , She wiped herself with her knickers then asked for her hand bag she was going to put them in the bag , I grabbed them I don't know why then put them to my face my wife looked horrified , I hung them on a branch over hanging the path I said let someone else enjoy them my wife said don't be stupid who would want them , I said ok lets hide in the woods and watch see what happens , We never had to wait long this young trendy sort of a lad walked passed them looking at them , Then he stopped came back took them off the branch examined them then sniffed them he done this a few times then put them in his pocket then left , My wife was shocked but horny I said those knickers was up your crutch now he will have his nose in your crutch wanking over your odour , My wife needed to wee again she said it's ok you can watch she crouched down I said stand up and do it , She stood up pulled her skirt up opened her legs and was trying to piss but she could not go ,I knelt down buried my face in her crutch she was rubbing her cunt in my face this went on for a while , Then she said I can go now I looked at her face she was trying , I was getting excited I said I need fluid she looked at me and said here's something to get on with she spitted on my face , I was in shock but it felt dirty I looked at her again she spat again and again then she pulled me to her crutch held my head then I felt it it was not much but she pissed in my face , That was the first time

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  • Watching women pee has always been a big turn on for me. My wife isn't really into it, but occasionally, when she's really drunk, she will have me lie down in the bathtub and she will piss all over my face. God it feels good.

  • That is so sexy

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