Brother steals my panties

Hi been looking for answers on the internet to this one, bit confused. I'm new here sorry. So background, I'm 14 and i live with my parents and 16 yo brother. I recently started noticing that my worn panties were disappearing from the washing basket, and after looking I found a pair under my brothers bed stick with his cum, it was gross.
I freaked out but was scared to do anything, so i decided to try and catch him. After seeing him grab a pair i spied on him and saw him sniffing and licking the crotch, which freaked me out even more.
Scared to talk to him i decided the next day to hang a fresh warm pair on his door handle, knock and run, so he would have to talk to me.
He didn't talk to me, he just used them and put them in the wash, so i tried again, and he did the same.
I decided on something new, i knocked on his door, then went back to mine, he opened his, but no panties, just me watching, he looked confused, then i slipped my panties down under my dress and through them to him and he disappeared with them.
A couple of days later he knocks on my door and comes in and says "can i have your panties?", curious i say "i wanna watch", so this time i see my brother jerking his hard cock, sniffing my panties, then cumming in them.
I got quite excited, and i wanna do it again, or more, but it feels very wrong. I don't think my brother is normal, and i think he might be making me in to a pervert like him, what should i do?
Please advise


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  • Some people are still stumbling upon this post. Would love to read new material as to what is currently going on.

  • Does anyone still read this? Z xxx

  • I want your panties too

  • Ha ha I bet Z xxx

  • Hey baby girl, what’s been happening with you and your brother. I’d love to hear some more please
    Pops xxx

  • Hi its Zara, not been on for a very long time. Things are still pretty sexual in my life, me and my brother are managing to do something sexual every couple of days, but we are both going out with other people. I actually really like his girlfriend. Always looking for something new if anyone has suggestions. Z

  • Have you tied anal with him again. Tell us about some more of your incestual fucks xx

  • How about trying his girlfriend out with a little girl on girl kiss to start and see if you can fuck her?


  • Ha ha, I forgot about this, I am not against the idea of kissing another girl or even sex, also she is really pretty. Me and my brother talk slot about sex and we have talked about what they do together. I am also becoming friends with her too and she is confiding in me, so I hear about their sex from both of them, very exciting.
    Me and my brother are still having sex and we both love it. At Christmas we both got each other secret Christmas presents which were sex toys. I got him a cock ring and he got me a small vibrator (quick to grab those parcels when they arrived). They are both fun but not really needed. His ring makes him so hard, but seeing me naked does that anyway lol. I have used my vibe in my bum whilst master dating which felt great, and my brother has fingered my bum hole whilst giving me oral which is awesome.
    We still chat and laugh at how this started and he still loves my panties and I still give them to him when we can't be together.

    Happy to answer any questions. Love Zara xxx

  • Hi Zara, I was wondering does your brother ever wear your panties in front of you? I love wearing nylon panties, pantyhose or thigh high stockings, a real short slip, and a silky bra under my clothes, or just wearing them around the house. My 6th grade step daughter loved that I wore women's undies as did my wife. My step daughter loved having me lick her pussy for hours. She also loved having me put the head of my cock in her pussy and shoot my cum all over her pussy and then she'd finger herself till she came using my cum as lotion. I love reading about you and your brother. I'd like to try ducking his cock too.

  • I want your step daughter

  • He has worn a pair of my panties in front of me when we were having a laugh, but only for a couple of mins. I think what you do with your step daughter is wrong by the way and you should stop. Sorry. Z

  • I was beginning to think that you had given up on this post.
    Sounds like a nice idea.
    There are lists of sex positions. The Kama sutra is one such book but many of the positions are just plain impossible lol

  • Zara my gorgeous little princess I need to know what you’ve been doing lately.
    Pops xxx

  • The villa also had a hot tub, which was amazing. There was a couple of times i was in the hot tub with my brother, and i would touch his cock through his shorts under the bubbles, he kept stopping me as he was getting hard, and he was worried he may have to get out, and it would be embarrassing. Instead he slipped his hand into my bikini bottoms, and fingered me a little. It dealt great but the angle made it difficult, so i didn't cum, probably guess when parents are near by on sun loungers.
    Later they went for a walk in to town, and left us in the hot tub. When i knew they were out of sight i straddled my brother and started kissing him, this got him very hard. I was so aroused as i had been sat on the water jet and it had been stimulating my pussy and bum.
    I pulled his shorts off, and pushed my bikini aside and lowered myself on to him, i was ready to blow. I rode him in the bubbles, but reached orgasm in like 2 or 3 minutes, he came straight after. I was worried about having cum floating in the water, so as i stood up i wiped him off on my bikini, covered back over and cupped myself and went inside to clean up. I washed my bikini and left it to dry pretending it was hot tub water. Really fun sex, bubbles are great. Z xxx

  • I have been on holiday with my family, in a villa in Portugal. The villa had 2 bedrooms so i had to share with my brother :) and the bedrooms were on opposite sides of the villa and the door had a bolt :)
    It was so great to see him naked and be naked with him. Obviously we wanted to have sex, but there was still a risk of being heard. It felt so risky, but we couldn't help ourselves. The beds were squeaky, so when we thought our parents were asleep we quietly got out of bed, got naked, kissed, hugged etc, then had sex on the rug on the floor.
    The floor was quite hard, so i went on my hands and knees and let my brother slide in to me from behind. It was different but felt so good. So difficult to stay quiet, really biting my lip as i was cumming.
    Great holiday Z xxx

  • You just made me cum so hard there, reading your story xxx

  • 😀 Z

  • What’s your favourite position?
    I personally like to have her lay on her right side keep her bottom leg straight down and her top leg bent. Means I can straddle over her bottom leg and slide myself up and as deep as I can possibly get.
    How are things with Oliver?
    You should have your brother fill you with cum and later on have Oliver lick you to orgasm. You’ll know full well he’s eating your and your brothers mixed cum xxx


  • I have not heard of the lying on the side thing, totally gonna try it.
    I broke up with Oliver ☹ he was a bit boring tbh. Whilst we were together what you suggested happened once. I had had sex with my brother after school, then got a message from Oli, i went to see him and because he was home alone, obviously we made the most of the opportunity. I had not orgasmed the last time we had sex so i think he wanted to make it up to me, and went down to give me oral sex. Brilliant i thought but remembered i was going to be cummy down there. I covered it by saying i had been wet all day for him. He didn't notice, and seemed really turned on. I quickly moved him to sex feeling a little awkward. Fun lol Z

  • I so love talking to you. You’re exciting and sexy

    Pops xx

  • Thanks Z 👄👄👄

  • Have I asked you what your fantasies are yet? If not then please do share, my little gorgeous xxx

  • I have been thinking, and i would like to spend a whole day and night naked with my brother, continually touching each other, and trying new sex things. Ha ha is there a list of sex positions, maybe do them all in a day. But just being naked all day in his arms would do it for me.
    Maybe in a 5* hotel lol Z 👄

  • How many fingers has brother tried to fit in your pussy so far? Do you enjoy being stretched? Do you think he’ll be able to Fiat your cunt at some point?

  • Only one is really possible. I feel a little stretched by my brothers cock, wouldn't want it to be any bigger. I guess it's because i am young, not used to it so everything is tight. What's a fiat? Lol except a car. Z

  • That is y daddy should start them young so they get use to taking a cock

  • Fist not fiat lol

  • Omg surely that is not possible. A penis feels more than big enough, why would you want to put a whole hand in? Or maybe your joking ha ha Z

  • No seriously fisting is a thing. Google it. You’ll see lots of women find enjoyment out of being stretched.

  • This is my favourite video. She’s gorgeous and she’s tied down to the examination table 😍

  • Dam can’t post a link

  • Zara sweetheart do you post these stories anywhere else? Xx

  • No, just here. I found it when i was worried about by brothers fascination with panties, this came up in a google search. Not worried anymore, he is welcome in my panties any time lol Z

  • Any more questions or requests? Z x

  • Ever have thoughts about daddy?

    Do you have a dog

  • Ew no, we have a cat, no dog

  • Would you like to my cock slowly but hard and feel my cum splatter all over your face and chest? I’m a very heavy cumer

  • No, Z

  • Zara would you do something for me? I’m hoping that you will.
    I was wondering if when you next get the chance to let your brother lick you down there, wash your bum very well and get him to gently lick your bum hole and around it. It may sound sick but I swear give it a few minutes and you will enjoy it. You may want to go further by letting him rub a finger around your bum hole with some pressure and maybe you might let him slip a finger in. If he does you may feel like you need to poop but you won’t. It’ll take some time but it can be incredibly good feeling. You might even get to enjoy anal sex, if you do then make sure you have plenty of lube.

    What do you think? Will you try this for me?

    Pops x

  • I told my brother i wanted to try it, he looked shocked, and i said if he wanted to do it, he had to buy lube. He knew what it was and got it. We knew we had an hr on Saturday morning when our parents went to the supermarket. I went in to my brothers room and stood on his bed, looking down on him. I teased him and slowly stripped naked while dancing on the bed. I pulled the covers off and his shorts looked like a tent, with a big fat pole lol. I pulled them off and lowered myself on to him, (no better feeling). I playfully bounced on his cock, then got off, and went on all fours. He got up, and entered me from behind, it felt amazing, but i urges him to try in my bum. He got the lube and squirted a load on his cock and some on my bum hole. (it felt cold). At first i felt no way it would go in, he just kept bouncing off, then in it went, and then deeper. It felt like pooing lol. It felt weird, different. It was very tight, but he kept going. I began to enjoy, but not as good as being in my vagina. I put a hand between my legs and started playing with myself, this made it good. My brother came quite quickly, and he pulled out. Again it was like pooing, but cum ran out too.
    Overall i enjoyed, it was fun as it felt naughty and different, but it wasn't as good as normal sex. Willing to try things.
    Zara x

  • You are amazing Zara xxx
    I’d love to slide my cock up your bum while your brother slid his cock into your pretty little pussy.

    I have darker thoughts but I feel I would scare you with them and you’d probably not want to talk further.

    How far are you willing to go?

  • Let me join in and use her mouth

  • I'm not sure, but you can suggest something

  • Anything new lately my sweetheart? Xx

  • Sorry i thought you had something to suggest?
    We have been up to lots, one thing to report was outdoor sex. We visited a beach with dunes, my brother and i went off exploring, we realised the dunes were quiet and had many quiet areas, so i dared us to have sex outdoors. I had stupidly worn leggings so not easy for sex (not like a skirt). Brother had shorts that came down easily so that was fine. I decided it was easiest from behind, so i slipped my leggings down a little and bent over the dune. I could feel the warm wind on my bum and pussy, that felt great, but not as great as my brother sliding in to me. I think we were both turned on by the idea of outdoor sex and came really quickly. I really struggled to stay silent, just in case we were heard. It must have been a big load from my brother as i had very sticky panties later Z x
    I would like to hear questions and suggestions

  • Pops x

  • Next time we are alone and i know we won't be caught, i will ask him. I doubt he would lick, but maybe use his finger. I can try, for you. What's lube btw? Z x

  • Thank you. Let me know how it goes xx
    Lubrication You can buy it from any supermarket, chemist etc that sell condoms. Sure have a range of flavoured ones and some that give a tingle too. There are specific ones also for anal if you want.

  • Oh and take it very slowly with anal. If he goes too quick it could hurt you x

  • Does anyone have any questions for me? i feel like i have a small following, and want to share with you everything that happens, but don't know what your interested in. Z x

  • Want to no just how much of a slut are you. Would you fuck randomers.

  • I'm not a slut and do not want to have sex with somone random ☹

  • Being fucked by 2 guys makes you a slut. Would you like to add a third cock? You could suck mine while your brother and boyfriend fuck you full of their cum. Your a cum white and you love it!!!

  • Ignore this idiot darling, unfortunately the world is full of people that’ll say stuff online and hiding behind a keyboard, where in the real world they are probably the quietest people that wouldn’t say boo! to a fly.

    Just live your life how you want, my dear and share any tasty little bits of info :)

  • Thanks Z x

  • I personally like to hear your confessions of what you’ve been up to and where, eg the sex in the swimming cubicle and how your brother runs his hands into your panties.

    I do want to know what you think will happen in the future? Short term and long term. Do you think you’ll always fuck your brother?

    Do you have fantasies about trying out her scenarios?

    Pops xx

  • Hi, one thing that happened recently, was that me and my brother went to the cinema during the day on a weekend, it was very quiet, we sat at the back, out of site. During the film my brother put his hand on my leg and up my dress, stroking the inside of my upper thigh. It felt really good, and i was getting turned on. Then he went higher and started rubbing my panties, he commented that he could feel i was wet, it was getting too much for me so i kept closing my legs on his hand. After i releases he would keep going. He managed to make me cum just be rubbing, maybe because i was so excited by the risk of being caught. After i came he asked me to take my panties off, i refused at first, but he pushes me so i lifted my bum of the seat and slid them down, i was so scared. He picked them up and took a big sniff of them, but i made him hide them quick. Instead he put his hand back up my skirt and slid a finger in me, he then pulled it out and licked it like a lolly. He made me go without panties the rest of the day, i must have looked so nervous.
    Fantasy wise, me and my brother go to the same school, we see each other some times, and i realise no one knows but us. I wish we could have sex at school, maybe after hours, but the risk is way too high.
    I really don't want to stop having sex with my brother, i enjoy it more than with my boyfriend. Tbh that's not going great but it's good cover lol. Long term I'm sure it will come to an end, but who knows, maybe when we are grown up and married/kids ourselves we can have sex at family meet ups lol, who knows.
    Feel free to ask anything. Zara 💋

  • Zara sweetheart I seen there’s a foul mouthed little fool giving you hassle above.
    To that idiot I say give me you details and I’ll come find you and I will smack you around till you learn your lesson and I’ll make sure I break your fingers so you can’t write this kind of abuse to a sweet girl who has the guts to try stuff most of us only dream about.

    Zara please don’t let this fool bother you and please keep posting.

    I really enjoyed reading your answer to me above.

    Love pops xxx

  • Hi all, really sorry i have not posted, there wasn't really anything new to say. I feel like i have had alot of sex with my brother now and I'm amazed no one has found out. After school is the most common, and whilst i really enjoy being naked for sex, having sex with my school uniform on makes it easier to stop and hide what we are doing if parents come home.
    I am really enjoying sex and orgasm virtually every time regardless of how we do it. I have learned to orgasm quietly holding back my noises, i often have to cover my face with a pillow or cushion at the last minute as my orgasm reaches it's intensity.
    I have now had sex with my boyfriend, which i enjoy also, we have sex at his house after school also. I have never told him i am on the pill, mainly because i want him to use a condom, so i don't end up with his cum in my panties later when my brother might be taking them off.
    Because of the secrecy i have had sex twice in one evening which is great fun but sore, i feel quite delicate.
    Zara xxx

  • There may not be much new to say but we do love to read what you’re what you upto?
    I like to read your naughty stories and to hear in detail what happens and how it feels for you. The taboo and secretive nature of it is hot xx

  • Nice to finally hear back fro you

  • Hey Zara are you still around?

  • ZARA 😈

  • Hey sorry i haven't posted. I have had sex a few times now (well 5 but who's counting) and I'm really enjoying it. My heart races as my clothes come off, especially my panties and I'm fully naked. I love the feeling of his hard cock pressing against my pussy then suddenly slipping in. It feels very big to be inside my body, kinda unnatural but so good. At first i wanted to be in control of the sex, but now i am happy to let my brother enjoy himself, and i just relax and let it happen.
    The last time we had sex was after school, he came up behind me and grabbed my boobs through my school shirt and slipped his hand up my skirt to grab my bum. I patter my legs a little and he started to finger me, pushing my panties aside. I quickly took them off and i bent over the sofa. He put his cock in me from behind which was new and felt good. He was quite rapid and forceful, as he went in to me each time, my whole body moving with each push. He quickly came, which was good as our parents came home. I quickly pulled my school skirt down and kicked my panties under the sofa. I went back to get them in the night. I had no panties on till i got changed after dinner. It felt so naughty but so exciting. Zara xx

  • Very nice darling. We would love to hear more from you as it happens.
    Have you orgasmed yet?

  • Hey Zara what’s been happening. Let’s here what you’ve been up to

  • Out little Zara is now a woman. Congratulations sweetheart.
    How was it for you? I’d love to hear all the details when you get a chance.


  • Hi, i posted as a comment to my comment, if that makes sense. I cant believe it has gone this far. I was shocked and disgusted at his obsession with my worn panties and now we have had sex, i don't know what to think. Thank you so much for comment etc, been a real help. You have been so kind wish i could repay you, but you don't need my advice lol. Not sure what will happen next with my brother or Oli, i guess what will happen will happen. Zara xxx

  • I'm not a virgin anymore !
    Zara xxx

  • Ok, this is what happened. Over the bank holiday my parents had some friends to stay, and they needed more than one room. As my room was nicest they took mine and i had a folding bed in my brothers room. On Saturday night we headed up for bed late, and i knew my brother would try it on. He had his hands all over my body and he was very excited, we kissed in underwear, and i thought i would keep him happy by playing with his cock, i find playing with it addictive. He wanted to play too and he put his hand in my panties and slipped the end of his finger in me, and sort of wiggled it, which felt great and made me kinda wet and gooey. I didn't want him to put it all the way in so i pulled his finger away and finally gave in to him asking me to use my mouth.
    I kinda enjoyed playing with his cock using my tongue and he really loved it, so i wanted to make him cum (I'm learning words haha) it didn't take long till i could tell it was about to happen, and as i pulled my mouth away it did, some went in my mouth (gross) most was chin and chest, some was even dangling from my nipple lol. I giggled, but he was so happy he hugged me. He held me tight and kissed me with his tongue, the cum stuff got squished between us and kinda smeared everywhere, i don't think he cared he was happy.
    I was turned on and couldn't not touch myself. We kissed and he played with my boobs and bum as i played with myself untill i had an orgasm, it was sooo good. Then we found tissue and cleaned up and went to bed...... More to come Z

  • Following on - Sunday. It was hot during the day and my dad had put the pool up. I wasn't sure how i felt about being in my bikini in front of friends of my parents, but this was a bikini day! I felt awkward at first, like everyone was staring at my body, but soon stopped caring and enjoyed myself. Later on when it got cool, me and my brother went in to get changed. We both went to his room, and he dropped his shorts, he was getting hard already, i had this urge, this feeling that had been building up all afternoon as we messed about in the pool. I removed my bikini and we stood opposite each other, fully naked and a bit wet. (i mean pool wet, but i was wet down there also ;) ). He was now fully hard and i couldn't help myself, we moved forward and i grabbed his cock. He put his hands on my bum and we couldn't stop kissing.
    He laid back on the bed, and i was again on top of him. He used his hand to rub his cock against my pussy (know all the words now). It felt so good and i felt such intense desire, my whole body was tingling with excitement.
    I lowered myself on to his cock and it started to go in. My brother stopped me but i said it was ok. It was kinda sore, and felt like i was being stretched. It was a weird feeling to have something inside me.
    I moved up and down slowly, it wasn't easy at first, but as my wetness spread it got easier, less sore but still difficult.
    I got a rhythm going, it was the strangest feeling, a bit painful, but also nice. It didn't take long for my brother to cum, which was a weird warm feeling inside me. When he pulled out there was a bit of blood on the end if his cock which i have been told is normal.
    After we quickly dressed, and went downstairs, I was a bit red faced, my whole body tingled, and i felt sore inside. I got a surprise later when his cum stuff came back down in to my panties as we ate dinner, i was like omg, i hope no one noticed my odd behaviour, i went to the toilet and cleaned up. Zara xxx

  • Omg Zara that is such an erotic description, and I will definitely be having a play later on thinking about you riding your brothers cock.

    The first time is sore because he burst the himen, a little bit of skin on the inside. Now from now on select is going to get and feel better.

    Cum will always come back out after sex.
    Can I ask, did you like the taste of his cum?

    I can say this. If it were me fucking you, I’d make it slow and deep while you were on all fours (doggy style), while I slid my cock in and out I’d rub your butt hole with my thumb gently pressing a little harder each time until it went in and I’m certain you’d love a little anal sex. If you do try it you’ll need to relax a lot, lots and lots of lube

  • Hey, you want to have a play, thinking of me? You mean masterbate right? Have you already? I didn't realise.
    Kind of exciting to know, but a shock, i don't know anything about you, how old r u? Z x

  • Yeah of coarse why not. You’re telling a very private a sexy story about you in such detail and it’s getting me seriously horny. Yes I’ve had a play twice, thinking about your story as I read it x

  • Ok wow, i wasn't expecting that, i thought people read and commented. Did it make your 'playing' better? Did you think about watching me and my brother or you having sex with me. Really curious. Do you think you would be attracted to me, your quite alot older than me, but men your age can be very cute.

    I hope you enjoyed yourself. Z

  • I think about both situations or a third which involves your brother and me both fucking you at the same time.
    Mouth and pussy, mouth and ass and also pussyfoot and ass and also you sucking us both off at the same time

  • What do you see when you picture me? Is my age good or bad for you? Z x

  • I have a picture in mind from your description you gave before. I know you’re young and that’s not really my thing. Definitely would wait till you were legal.
    Everything so far that you’ve written has been very sexually charged and it keeps me coming back for more.

    Any update as to what’s been happening lately?

  • I have been really enjoying sex, it got easier and now feels great, i am yet to orgasm but getting close, and i get wet really easy when i think about sex now. My brother likes me to take my clothes off slowly in a sexy way before we have sex, and i have bought some new underwear for this, proper grown up underwear. Some lacey, some silky, thong backed so exciting. Z x

  • I would love to read some more of your stories. The detail and the sexiness really get me turned on.
    Can you tell me about your second time having sex with him?

  • I bet you’re getting really wet and I bet you taste great also.
    I’d love to kiss around your neck and with long slow kisses and work my way down your back while my fingers gentle tickle you all over. I’d work my way down your bottom, your legs and over your feet before rolling you over to kiss up your legs. I would work my way in towards your pussy buy now actually touch it (just to tease you ), I’d then work my way up round your tummy button and slowly run the top of my tongue up towards your breasts and nipples giving them a suck and flick with the tip of my tongue. Eventually I’d get back up over your neck to get to your luscious lips. I would get back down to your pussy again but this time I’d circle your clit taking slow and quick but gentle licks and work you close to an orgasm but I would let you sit there for a good while making you beg for the finish before wrapping my arms around your upper thighs and holding you on my mouth till I made you cum hard.
    I wonder how much you would shake or if you’d even be a squirter.

    Hope you enjoy that thought x

  • Omg, i can't believe what you wrote, and about me. I felt turned on reading it. I think your a very naughty man, but it's exciting to read. Z.

  • I’m 34

  • Hey Zara darling who got your cherry ?
    Please advise all the details, we would all love to hear xxxx

  • Brother, see above, thanks for everything, so grateful Z

  • Hey Zara. That’s amazing news. What happened and with who?
    Did you enjoy it? Please give us all the details

  • Brother, sex lol, see above, thanks loads, super grateful for everyone's advice

  • Hey all. Quick update. Things have been going well with my new boyfriend Oliver. We have been on 'dates' nothing much, cinema and hanging out really. We have kissed quite a bit, and he likes to feel my bum. It feels really strange starting at the beginning with him, but i told him i never had a boyfriend, which is true.
    Things are still happening with my brother. After school on Friday i was in the kitchen getting a drink, having a conversation with my dad in another room (loudly round a corner) my brother comes in and runs his hand up my school skirt to feel my bum (kinda used to this). He put his middle finger against my panties and stroked front to back. It felt great, and he pressed a little rubbing me through my underwear. He leant forward and whispered 'Your wet' and showed me the wet end of his finger.
    I heard dad get up, so pushed his finger down and walked away. I went to my room and lifted my skirt to look and there was a big wet patch on my panties. I went to the bathroom and masterbated and it felt amazing.
    I understand what being wet means and why it happens, and i have been wet before but never this wet, maybe a development?
    That's it. Zara xxx
    P.s. My brother calls my vagina a pussy, is this the most common nickname, happy to use it if it is? Anyone understand why its used, what it means?

  • The more wet you are usually means the more sexualy excited you are. See next time you get the chance when you’re both naked, get on your knees and slip his cock in your mouth. Gently suck on his cock while sliding your head back and forth. Use your tongue to rub the underside of his cock. Watch a few videos on google. How to give a blowjob.
    Then get back to us

  • Pussy is a very common name for your vagina.
    Sounds great. What did you think about when you masterbated in the bathroom?
    Who do you think is going to get in your pussy first? Xx

  • Thanks, i guess i might start using pussy, but what does it mean? I have to confess my brothers body was what i thought about as i touched myself. Don't know is the answer to your second question. Z

  • It doesn’t mean anything it’s just a nickname for vagina

  • Anything to share Zara?

  • I have the pill, and it's well hidden, scared about them being found. I never thought this would happen Z x

  • OH Zara that is just so fantastic, so very proud of you, don't forget to take one as prescribed you should know it may take a little while to prevent pregnancy but I am sure your smart enough to follow the instructions then Darling getting some spunk in your nice little pussy will feel so great please let us know who gets your cherry ?

  • I have to wait a week. Can i ask is spunk the right word for the stuff that sprays out?

  • Wait a week for who Zara x

  • Yep it can be called spunk, jizz but mostly it’s called cum by most x

  • Yep use that just like you will pussy darling

  • I guess you’ve decided to take the next step?
    Your going to be naked while kissing your brother and then slide his cock into your pussy feeling it stretch you open.

    I can’t wait to hear your next move

  • Don’t worry. Just take it when your meant to.
    Let us know what happens soon

  • I took my daughter to one and it was very simple, she had just turned 15 and a lot of boys were hanging around probably because she was the best looker in school even older men would have a giant perv on her whenever she went out, we were both a bit concerned to start off with but the very nice staff put us promptly at ease, a few questions and we were off with the prescription that was 6 months ago she has said that of yet she has not had sex but a lot of kissing, cuddling and fingering she likes pulling guys off but they are getting a lot more demanding and are talking often about blow jobs.

  • I have found a sexual health clinic near by that has a drop in session. A friend says you don't have to go with your mum, and you can ask them not to contact you. Their website says all discussions are confidential, and the only questions they ask are necessary medical questions. I was thinking of going after school but i am absolutely petrified. I hope i can go through with it and don't embarrass myself. I have a change of clothes with me so I'm not in my school uniform, just need to find somewhere to change. Z xx

  • That's the girl don't worry about it even if you have your school uniform I am certain they will be very sympathetic.
    Just think soon you will be able to fuck whoever you like without any worries.

  • It’s ok to be scared. Just obviously don’t say anything about your brother. Say it’s you getting very sexual with your boyfriend and you just want to be safe.
    Can I ask do you have your period yet?

  • Yes i have :( i hear the pill might stop it :)

  • If you don't get on the pill you better hope like shit your boyfriend gets you pregnant instead of your brother.

  • Zara darling you really need to get on the birth control pill very quickly, certainly your brother then probably your new boyfriend will be both fucking you soon.
    Maybe you can use the situation with your new boyfriend to talk to your mother about getting on the pill tell her you both have sexual feelings when kissing and you just want to be safe I am sure she will understand and help.

  • I have a boyfriend! I got together with the boy who likes me at school, only kissed so far, not sure what might happen yet. In other news, me and my brother shared a changing room at the swimming pool and no one noticed, brilliant to be naked with each other, and some hushed playing ended up with him shooting on my naked body again. Super sorry to the pool owners and next users of the cubical, we had no tissue, so it just stayed on the floor. Whilst i don't want sex with my brother, i do now want to kiss him, an be naked with him.
    It is difficult for me. I hoped getting a boyfriend would end things with my brother, but now i worry that's not what i want. Would it be bad to let it continue?
    I need lots of advice, good advice please. Zara xxx

  • You should rub his cum in all over your tits and tummy x

  • Kiss hug and be naked. You’re going to end up having sex with him.

  • You obviously have a sexual attraction to your brother. Another condition is called GSA or genetic sexual attraction.
    You obviously want it to continue but please get on the pill (birth control) or get condoms. The pill will mean you can let him cum in you without worrying. Condoms feel too slick and will dull the sensation for him.

  • GSA ??? Is that an illness? I hope not :( Z

  • No it’s not an illness.
    Genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is a term for an overwhelming sexual attraction that may develop between close blood relatives who first meet as adults.

  • Any other news Zara

  • I have a desire to fuck my sister. She is quite pretty and I’ve always had a thing for her since we were teens. She would nipple twist me and I’d try to do it back to her.
    Now we are all grown up and she and I meet from time to time at our parents house. She usually asks me for a massage which I’m more than happy to give. Last time I was getting a bit carried away and getting more cocky about how far round the sides and how far down her shoulder to her boobs I would get. She was enjoying it from what I could tell. She likes to give me a good front on hug and presses her boobs into me and I like to squeeze her close into me.
    Lately I’ve been doing work at her place for her and I can’t stop looking at her in a sexual way, last time I was there she went out to the shops and I searched her room for a sex toy but couldn’t find one.
    I’d love to just push the boundaries and see how far we would go. I would fuck her every way possible.

  • Hey everyone, sorry i have not been on, we've been on holiday :) or if school asks, I've been ill. Lol
    Anyway me and my brother had to share a twin room, so i have seen him naked alot, just in the room, but i tried to keep some clothes on to keep him at bay and in case mum or dad came in. One day after a dull trip out we were back in the room to fetch swimming things while mum and dad were at the bar. Straight away he got naked, and knowing we were alone i did also. I really enjoy being naked and feeling his body against mine. He got hard quite quickly and actually suggested sex. The answer was no but i agreed to play with him to keep him happy, i laid on the bed, and with him sat on me, i gave him a wank (is that the right word) and again he sprayed on my tummy and boobs. I cleaned up and realising we had been a while quickly put my bikini on.
    I have really noticed how much boys and men of all ages look at me in my bikini. It's made me more conscious of my body, but in a good way, i like it. But more to come Zara

  • Next bit... On another night, we all came back to the room late, and went straight to the bedrooms. Mum and dad had both had alot of wine, and were being gross, kissing in public and stuff. Shortly after we got in the room we could hear noises, omg mum and dad were having sex. The walls were thin and the bed squeaked, and they didn't know how much we could hear. I have never heard sex in real life, just on TV, but it was a turn on. My brother wanted to get in to my bed and i was happy that he did,he kissed and touched me all over, we both ended up naked again, and i ended up on top of him kissing. He had an erection and i was hovering over it, he held it still and i lowered myself, i just wanted to feel it. I rubbed against it listening to my mum making sex noises, and it felt like i was too.
    I felt so turned on, my heart was pounding, my eyes were shut, and i was rubbing my vagina along his cock. It started to go in, and it felt even better, and i was somehow making his cock wet. I moved up and down on the end of his cock, listening to my mum having sex and an orgasm i guess, i had this intense tingling feeling inside. Difficult to describe but really great, then my brother pulled it out and sprayed on my leg. I instantly felt guilty, and told myself it wasn't sex as only the end went in, is that true? Zara. Xxx
    Oh, please don't fight over me, be nice, everyone is ok to comment

  • Just beautiful Zara. I can’t wait to hear more

  • Just imagine what it’s going to feel like when you slide his full cock length in you.

  • Zara you little slut do you have to be totally ignorant ? how big is your brothers cock for the last time ?

  • You disrespectful little shit! Why do you feel the need to call her names and with that tone. She’s hardly going to reply to that kind of vulgar attitude from some jumped up little punk. You’re a disgrace.

    Zara my dear please take no notice of fools like this. Sadly the world I’d full of them

  • Who do you think you are ?
    Your just sucking up so Zara will discuss sexy things with you so you can pull yourself off EH ?
    I hope you realise Zara is just another old Pedo like you pretending to be a young girl.

  • I for one you little shit am not her to pull myself off like you! I happen to be a woman and see your vulgar comments on this child’s post. You sit there behind your keyboard like some keyboard warrior trying to act tough, where in reality your some little pathetic boy!!! Now fuck off and go grow yourself a pair of balls

  • Hey Zara, hows things with you? Hope you’re still being naughty xx

  • Piss off you old goon

  • Does your bother have a big cock? How long would you say it is and how thick would you say it is

  • I dunno, maybe 12 cm, it's not like i can measure it. Maybe 3 cm across Z

  • Zara of course you can measure it you stupid slut, tell him you want to know how big it is, get him naked and excited even if you have to give him a nice rub up and have a cloth tape measure ready then take the length from under his balls to the tip and run it around the thickest part, then advise us.
    Fuck is that so hard ? I mean that prick is going to be in your cunt soon I feel.

  • Zara I really hope you are on the birth control pill if not get a box of condom's you certainly don't want to fall pregnant, you are obviously excited and getting into a situation where you want your brother to fuck you he is not going to cease his advances and I am sure you don't want him to as well xxxx

  • If i get condoms i might use them, but if i don't i might not use them if you understand? Too embarrassed to buy as well!
    I know its naughty as well, but i tried touching myself more, so that i would be less excited or turned on with my brother, but i think it's having the opposite effect, i feel aroused at school thinking about touching myself.
    On a positive there is a boy at school who likes me :) yay Z x

  • Oh Zara. What’s happening?

  • I did an update further down. Z

  • Zara my dear. I’ve spoken many times with you on this asking what you think etc.
    Here’s what you do, since your desire is ruling you.
    You sit your brother down and tell him that there will be no more panties, no more touching and no more you.
    He has to find a girlfriend. To explore these desires with.
    I know you may feel cheated but that will pass.
    Yes incest is illegal and can rip entire families apart. Believe me I’ve seen it first hand.
    Our situation is different that me and my partner include her father in our sex.

    You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. If you want to explore this side when you’re older then it might be possible but must be in complete secrecy.

    Let me know what you think and what happens X

  • I told him last night it had to stop and to find a girlfriend like you said, and he was like 'ok', no more touching or panties. I was gobsmacked, just like that he was happy to stop. Then he asked for one last thing, a kiss. I agreed, it's less than what we had been doing. He kissed me, and again and again, till we were properly kissing, tongues and everything. Wow kissing is good, especially like that.
    When we finished he silently got up and left and just smiled at me. Then i realised I'd just had my first real kiss, with my brother.
    I felt so dumb, I'd given him exactly what he wanted because i thought it was the end if everything else. We'll see what happens! Zara

  • Awww Zara your first kiss even if it was from your brother. Yes kissing is good fun and can easily lead to more.
    Some how I don’t think you’re going to stop. You enjoy the taboo just like us. It’s exciting.
    Keep me updated x

  • Update... Our parents went to a dinner party on Saturday night, and we were left to look after ourselves, and takeaway was ordered before they left. Half way through pizza and a film, the phone rang, my brother took the call, but i could tell it was our parents. After the call he explained they were staying over to have some drinks and would see us in the morning. I knew where this would lead. Straight away he was all over me, but i reminded him of his promise.
    After the film, a bit annoyed i went to bed, but not long after my brother walked in to my room totally naked. I wanted to tell him to leave, but i could help but look. He climbed in to my bed and started touching me. Against all sense and because i wanted to feel a naked body against mine i agreed to take my PJs off.
    Our naked bodies were pressed up against each other, and he put is hands on my bum. I wanted to feel his bum so i did the same (i really liked it). His cock was hard, and pressed against my tummy, but we both just kinda held each other and i played with his bum. He reached down and touched me between my legs, then directed his cock as if to go inside me. It touched and nearly went in, i panicked and pulled away..... Run out of room

  • Next bit .... He kept pushing his cock my way, then asked me to suck it instead. I said no (gross) but i agreed to play with it. He sat on my legs as i laid there so it was right in front of me. I didn't have to rub it long before it shot all his stuff over me. Some went as far as my boobs, but most went on my tummy (filled my belly button lol) and some went very low. I panicked and wiped it away with a tissue.
    He kissed my tummy and went lower untill he was kissing my vagina again, it felt so good, and i experienced an orgasm again.
    We slept in the same bed naked, and he touched me alot in the night. I woke up in the morning with him behind me, pushing his cock between my legs, trying to put it in me. He missed and pushed against my bum hole, and i stopped him as he was pushing it in. The end actually went in. I pulled away fast and realising it was morning and our parents might be back soon i kicked him out. They did return shortly after when i was in the shower.
    I cant believe how close i came to having sex, not even sure i didn't, what counts???
    I feel angry that he broke his promise, but i really enjoyed the feeling of our naked bodies together so it's not all his fault. We were too close to getting caught too. Zara xx

  • Morning Zara x
    Sorry the update didn’t show the other day.
    That was pretty close and highly stupid of your brother. However it’s Incredibly hot to read.
    Did you like his cock end in your bum?
    Do you think this will continue?
    I love reading oh your updates.
    I’m hear if you want to talk

  • Hi, it didn't go in, no way that would fit in there. I really want to say it won't continue but i can't stop myself. I'm worried how far i might go. I know you keep saying get condoms but i worry if i have them they might get used. Where would i even get them?
    Id be too embarrassed to buy them in a shop

  • Hey Zara x You can get them at a chemist, or your local supermarket but you can get a selection of free ones from the family planning clinic at your local doctors. Just go in and ask for the free condoms.

    I’m glad you took my advice and started to explore your body to learn what you like. ;)

    I know you say no way to sex with your brother but tell me truthfully, do you think you’ll let your brother sink his cock into your young virgin pussy if it’s covered in a condom? To feel it part your womanhood open and stretch you? It’ll hurt first time as he breaks your hymen and claims your virginity but everything else after that will be pleasure for you xx
    Get in touch soon
    I’ll sign this as pops so you know who you’re talking to x

  • I think last time i visited the doctor they had them in the toilets. There is a back door so i could get to the toilet and out unseen. I really don't know what's going to happen, I'm rubbish at self control and i just keep getting urges, i don't understand my body. Z x

  • Tell me all your urges.

  • I just feel this continuous feeling down there, like a tingle, just saying touch me, it's a warm feeling i just can't describe it I look at boys and girls bodies so much, and i want to touch and be touched, i feel the continual temptation to slip my hand up my skirt in in my bra, so when i see my brothers body, i want to touch, i feel light headed and weak and i get drawn in, and long to feel his hands on me. I just can't calm the urges, flippin body argh. Zara.

  • I like your description of how your desires feel. Sounds very sexy and super enjoyable. Wish I could get in your head Zara and feel it for myself.

    Let me know what’s happening soon xx

  • I know I’ve said it before but get condoms to be safe. Surely you can hide the box in a shoe, or inside the pocket of something you don’t wear often, or stick the box to the underside of a shelf.
    Better safe than sorry x

  • Zara you have to start being nice to your brother, when he is feeling you you feel him start stroking his prick and playing with his balls, make sure he has plenty of your panties darling

  • I thought panties wad all he wanted and was happy to give him them, but he wants more and i cant say no. Z

  • Hey Zara what’s been happening?

  • Sorry, things have been a little quiet, until last night. Our parents went out to the supermarket, and straight away there is a tap on my door, i let my brother in and ask him what he wants. So he wants to see me naked again, says he's been unable to think of anything else all weekend. I say no, and he starts begging, i told him he's not begging enough, so he kneels, and really begs. I tell him he has to kiss my feet (kinda liked that), but after my feet he starts kissing my legs and working up, i push down on his head as i know where he is heading, but i eventually give in. I hitched my skirt, and his kisses reach my inner thigh. (wow that's good). Then he kisses my panties, Omg that felt amazing. I started breathing really hard and felt so turned on. I quickly dropped my panties, i couldn't control myself. He licked and licked until i eventually had an orgasm. I pushed him away, i felt so tender, then ashamed, it feels like too far. He took my panties and left, i felt confused again.
    I have to stop this, but i feel powerless.
    Zara x

  • Hey Zara What do you think is going to happen if he comes to you like that again. Do you think he’ll slide a finger or two into your pussy while he licks on you? What’s the chance you’ll lose more control through lust and then next thing you know he’s rubbing his hard cock head against you pussy opening and you want to feel him in you, driven by pure sexual desire.
    You need to get some condoms just to be super safe if this does go that way. You’re young and driven by your hormones and the excitement of what’s happening.
    Keep me updated x

  • I can't have sex with him, he's my brother, pretty sure that is illegal right? Plus I'm a virgin, and my first time shouldn't be with him, it should be with somone i love (not bro - sis love, romantic love). Maybe I'm nieve. Plus i can't have condoms, what if my parents found them, what the hell would i say?
    My brother is being stupid, touching me when no one is looking. I was in the kitchen talking to dad after school, and he put his hand up my skirt and felt my bum. What if dad had turned round and seen. Omg!!!

  • Hot. You need to figure out where or what you want to happen.

  • I don't know, my head says stop, but my body says just do it. Why is life so confusing z

  • LOL -- Some kid fantasizes about his sister, so he makes up this crap about his brother stealing his panties.

    I'd prefer to read about mom vacuuming her son's room and finding her daughter's panties with is soggy mess. Come suppertime, mom could serve up everyone's plate giving brother his last. You guessed it! The evidence right on his supper plate. Dad, mom, brother, sister -- and the truth.

    Time to talk.

  • You should watch him, nothing wrong with being a pervert as long as no one is harmed! :D

  • Thanks for the advice, i guess watching doesn't hurt anyone. Can i ask are you a girl or boy? Age? Any experience? Z

  • I would love to buy a pair of your worn panties.

  • Buy? Seriously? Why? Very curious about this. Zara x

  • Just to see what your pussy aroma is like

  • So how much would you pay? Just curious Z

  • What part of the UK do you stay. Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales

  • I'm English, home counties area. Z

  • I’m hard as a rock picturing this. Let him smell and lick your panties on you then see what happens. Maybe he could lick the real thing! Smelling panties is amazing and I’m sure at 14 yours smell amazing and sweet!!

  • What is it with panties? Can i ask your age, just curious if this is a boy thing or older guys too? Who's panties do you smell? Zara

  • This supposedly Zara is nothing but a crock of BULLSHIT

  • Your brothers behavior is perfectly normal. You should ask him if he wants to sniff the real thing. Let him bury his face in your snatch while he jerks off. There is also nothing wrong with doing oral on each other, if you are both willing. Even letting him bury his cock up your vag is fine, so long as you use birth control. If you don't have any birth control means, then you can always let him do you in the butt, but when he cums, make sure it doesn't drip out and get onto your pussy, them young sperm cells are super strong swimmers and can knock you up if they get anywhere near your vaginal opening.

  • I agree, but disagree about using protection. Just fuck him. Let him release in you, and accept his seed. It’s a beautiful thing, let it happen

  • I really think anything sex related would be wrong, but can i ask, why would he want to smell down there? I mean i have nothing wrong down there lol, but why would a boy like it so much? Also really confused about 'in the butt' that sounds gross, and surely not possible?, not that i would ever do it.

  • Most men love the smell of a womans vagina, some sort of an animalistic pheromone type thing I think. Drives men wild. If the thought of doing sex with your brother seems wrong to you, then most certainly don't do it. Tell your brother how you feel, and maybe just keep him in fresh panties to sniff, nothing wrong with that.

  • Anal sex is very possible. My girlfriend said it hurt a little at first then she felt like she needed to take a shit but then that passed and she really got into it and loves a good fuck in the butt. Oh use lube

  • Sorry, sounds gross

  • I do my wife in the butt a few times a month. Usually when she is on the rag, and sometimes just for a change of pace. She actually enjoys it, and it is really NOT gross. I strongly urge all women to try it at least once, lots of lube is a necessity. A womans body is full of pleasure zones, they should all be explored and enjoyed.

  • Let him lick your pussy a few times and take photos of him licking you and then blackmail to eat your pussy when its your bad week

  • Your brother is totally normal, I used to the same with my sisters and one of them let me go down on her quite often. She never reciprocated but would let me have all I wanted.

  • My brothers used to use us for practice all the time! It’s very normal.

  • 'Practice' what do u mean? Z

  • Hey thanks for sharing, can i ask how old you and your sisters were at the time? I'm assuming you are older now? And can i check, is 'going down' using your mouth to pleasure a girl on her vagina? Sorry I'm a bit innocent in these things
    Zara x

  • Yeah going down is when a guy uses his mouth and tinge to orally give you pleasure down there. The smell to a guy can be very intoxicating and can leave them wanting more

  • Ok thanks for that, there is alot to learn. Are u ok to answer my other questions on age etc, just curious. Zara

  • Yes fire away

  • Before i asked how old you and your sisters were at the time and how old you are now? Z

  • Zara would you be open to letting your brother masterbate you through your panties? Or even fuck him?

  • Reply from lower comment - i hope it doesn't itch, seems fine right now, so smooth - i like it. You want to see it! That's a bit naughty, can i ask how old you are? Just curious, im not offended it's ok if your quite old, i wasn't planning on showing you sorry. Got more news after you reply ;)

  • Haha I don’t expect you to post pictures. I said it as an off the cuff remark. That would be bad for you if it got out plus it could be used by some really horrible people. Keep yourself safe ;)

  • Hey Zara how’s the shaved pussy ?
    I’m 40, you probably think I’m really old now lol but that’s ok.
    So what’s the update?

  • Hey, yea not that old, there are some pretty cute guys in their 30s, and some pretty hot celebs in there 40s. Obviously I'm not gonna date them but they're cute.
    It's all good down there btw, think it's gonna stay shaved, just part of my shower routine, will post update below.

  • Update. So the previous night, again i went for a shower, and again i went back to my room in a towel. This time no brother in my room, but i get a light knock on the door and a whisper 'can i come in'. (my brother has got very polite lately, i think he thinks being nice helps) feeling a little excited and vulnerable in a towel, i let him in. He is clearly looking me up and down, and tells me i look hot.
    I told him to sit on the bed don't move and be silent. Then stood right in front of him i dropped my towel and stood fully naked in front of him. His eyes lit up, he gasped, and there was movement in his trousers. I danced around for a few seconds then started to dress, slipping on panties and bra, danced a little more then put the rest of my clothes on.
    My brother was good, didn't move, just sat there with his mouth open and his trousers bulging. Afterwards i kicked him out with my worn panties. I felt so high, excited and aroused. Great warm feeling inside. Zara xxx

  • Nice. Looks like you hold the power now but do watch out how far you push him. Us guys can get highly excited and lose control and then he might push things his way. Does that thought excite you

  • Someone asked for an update at the top, was it you? If not sorry, i posted up there, u can comment here if u want. Z

  • Definitely couldn't have sex, it's wrong with your brother, isn't it?
    I know i shouldn't really masterbate, but i enjoy it. I think it could be fun to masterbate whilst my brother watched, as long as i did it through my panties, then change them without him looking and let him have the worn pair.
    Could i let him touch my panties, i don't know, it might feel so good.
    What do you think? Also are you a girl or boy?
    Thanks again
    Zara x

  • Hi Zara I’m a boy and I think you could tease him by playing through your panties. Maybe let him touch you for say 10 seconds then tell him to leave.
    I have a wife and great sex life which also includes her dad in our little gangbang

  • Hi, thanks for replying again. Last night me and my brother were watching TV in my room, i was lying on my bed and he was sat. I had my PJs on and he started touching my ass, stroking and tickling me. He then ran his hand up my leg, and stroked between my legs, it felt good, so even though i knew it wasn't right i actually moved my legs apart.
    He began pulling my PJs off and i just laid there on my tummy watching TV. Once off he placed is hand back on my ass and stroked my panties between my legs.
    I was frozen still, didn't know what to do, my head said stop him but my body wasn't listening.
    His touches felt so good, and he made me make my panties a bit wet.
    He tried to touch my vagina, but i stopped him, i sat up, took off my panties, gave them to him and hid under the covers.
    I'm pretty sure he saw everything, and when i asked him to leave, he was clearly hard. He took my panties back to his room sniffing them as he went, and after he had left i just got a new pair.
    I was shaking, from excitement and nervousness. How far can i let this go? Sex is a no no. I'm a virgin, and never put anything in there, and he's my brother.
    Thanks for being honest with me, your relationship seems strange to me, but thanks for sharing.
    Any advice welcome
    Zara xx

  • Omg Zara that just blew my mind. Wow and really hot!!!
    Definitely don’t let him fuck you just now but do let the touching continue for a few more times on your grounds. I’m guessing you don’t have a dildo as you’ve never put anything in there.
    Try exploring your body by yourself and let me know what happens in a few days. Yeah we definitely have a strange situation but the taboo is so kinky for all of us

  • Hey thanks for getting back so quick, last night felt totally crazy, and i have been thinking on it a lot at school today. Not sure what might happen when i get home later.
    I think your right i should explore my body myself to be comfortable with it, but this means i keep having urges to touch myself.
    I don't know what my brother really wants, if it's just my underwear or more, i guess maybe he wants to see a girl naked, maybe he never has. Not sure if that would be a good idea. Not sure if i feel comfortable with being naked.
    Thanks for all your help
    Zara xx

  • Hi again Zara.
    It’s perfectly normal to touch and explore yourself and I’m not going to say you have to do this or that but don’t jump straight to sex. Every single one of us men want to fuck. It’s inbuilt into us to breed as a species and your brother is no exception. His hormones will be running wild as yours will soon being doing also.
    Keep in touch x

  • Last night was pretty crazy again. Our parents were out, i hadn't seen my brother, all was normal. I decided to go for a shower, but when came back to my room my brother was there. I was only wearing a towel and it was only just big enough to cover me boobs to bottom, he could see very high up my leg, and the tops of my boobs, i felt quite exposed, and worried the towel would come open. He wanted to watch me dress but i said no, and to get out. He agreed if he could come back to watch TV with me, and said 'You should put these on' throwing a pair of panties he found in my drawer and must have liked.
    I put the panties and my PJs on as quick as i could, sat on the bed and put the TV on. He came in shortly after and sat very close, i felt very nervous, but he just watched TV, this left me confused.
    Then suddenly he put his hand on my leg, and it was moving higher. As he got to my crotch he asked 'have you put them on?' I nodded, and he started rubbing between my legs through my PJs. I was so scared.
    Not knowing what to do, and not really wanting it to stop i laid back and just shut my eyes.
    It felt good, so i didn't stop him when he slipped his hand in my PJs. It felt even better through just the panties, but omg what was happening.
    Then i felt his finger lifting the waistband of my panties, and his finger slide under. I gasped, my heart was thumping, i was paralysed. His finger reached my pubic hair, and then i felt the end of his finger touch my vagina, just enough for it to part and him to touch the wet bit. Still paralysed with fear, or excitement i could do nothing. Suddenly our parents came home, he pulled his hand out and hastily moved up. I calmed down just in time for my dad to walk in to check on us, and there we were just watching TV.

    Update over, can't believe it happened, it's messing with my head. Once again any thoughts?
    Sorry about my choice of words, i find describing that area of my body difficult, wouldn't mind so help with that. Zara

  • Omg Zara again wow! Don’t worry about your choice of words, as they are your own. They all help to tell an incredible story.
    Sounds like you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on. The heart pounding excitement and confusion are leading you to an erotic journey from what I’m reading, but stay in control.
    I know it’s cheeky to ask Zara but can you give us a good description of yourself?

    Till your next update. Good night x

  • Hey, I'm not sure how good i will be at describing myself but I'll try. I'm 14, from the UK, I'm white, quite pale actually, quite tall for my age, 5'6, and thin but not skinny. I am a keen swimmer and do gymnastics, so i guess I'm quite fit. I have blonde hair to my shoulders, and I'm told i have a pixie nose lol. I don't have an especially womanly body yet, still growing i guess. ( you would not be impressed with the size of my boobs lol)
    I don't know what else to say, feel free to ask for anything more?. I hope this effort is ok so far.
    Nothing new to report so far, but i think your right i am enjoying it, even if it seems so wrong. Confusing. I'll report back if any news, or if you have a question.
    Zara xxx

  • Hey Zara. You sound like what my sister looked like at your age.
    Sounds like you have definitely woken up something inside and I would suggest getting your self a vibrator to help learn what you enjoy. I say vibrator so you can enjoy the vibrations and feelings on your clit without having to slide it all the way in which would ruin your virginity by breaking the hymen.
    Keep me posted x

  • Oh, don't think a vibrator is a good idea, i know what they are, but no idea where to get one, or hide it. Best not. Z

  • Hey, sorry for not replying, we were visiting relatives this weekend. It meant me and my brother had to share a room, something i didn't know when i packed my summer PJs. These ones are satin short and vest hello kitty set, kinda baggy, so not hard so see a glimpse of bum or boob if i bend over, so not the best choice. My brother has stopped wearing PJs and sleeps in just boxers, so i could see basically his whole body, bulge included. :)
    I thought he wouldn't try anything, but after everyone was asleep, we were chatting, he got in my bed so we could whisper. I turned away, on my side, and he pulled in behind me, putting his arms round me. I thought this was sweet till i felt his cock pressing against my bum. His hands moved up my body to my boobs, i let him feel for a few seconds then turned to tell him to stop. He grabbed my bum and pull me to his cock. I pushed back and he laid back, frustrated he said he was so hard, but couldn't wank as we were sharing a room.
    I told him he should just do it, so he pulled down his shorts and started. Omg that thing was so stiff and red, i was so shocked, first time I'd seen it. Anyway, he wanted to touch me to help, i said no, but offered to use my hand. That did the trick! Lol
    Super messy, mainly on him, a bit on me. He cleaned up and went back to bed. I cant believe i touched it !
    Zara x

  • Typo. First time I've seen it close up!

  • My sweat Zara when and if this happens again you should open up you pj too to let him see your breasts and when he’s ready to cum, lean over him and let it shoot out across your chest. It’ll wipe off easy enough.
    You could then move to having him wank off behind you as you’re in the doggy position with you’re head down on the bed, and have him cum over you ass cheeks while wearing knickers or have him shoot it all over your back.
    Have you thought about letting him touch you anymore or where.

  • Nothing new to report but i have a question. I think all this has made me more body conscious, not in a bad way, just more aware. Like my mum suggested i shouldn't wear my summer PJs round the house any more, i thought she thought i was lazy, but i now realise they were too revealing to wear around my dad and brother. Just an example, anyway my question is about pubic hair. Sorry, i know its gross. Before my brother put his hand down there no one had, but as he did i was worried what he would think. I don't have alot of hair but it's tufty, should i trim or shave it off? I know a friend who does, and she says boys don't like hair. Thought you could help.
    Zara xx
    P.s. What you suggested sounds exciting, not sure if i am brave enough tho

  • I personally love a shaved or waxed pussy. Don’t mind a little trimmed strip just above the vagina but hate a full hairy pussy but that really depends on the guy. Lots of different likes and dislikes.

  • I took a shower when i got in and shaved it all off. Harder than it looks actually, and feels a little tender. I can't decide if it makes me look young again, or grown up. Feels weird but sexy i guess :) Zara xxx

  • Just be ready to shave very regular. If you let it start growing it will become very itchy.
    Wish I could see it. Wink wink

  • No more room to type gonna reply to your first comment see higher up

  • Watch him doing it but take some photos, then you can blackmail him whenever you like.
    He is pretty normal a lot of young males do similar.

  • Interesting you say it's normal, do you have any experience of this? My first thought when you said blackmail was that I'm not sure i want him to stop, i have found the thought arousing, and even left him post masterbation panties to find, i just can't believe i let it go this far. On the other hand the fear of getting caught is huge, so maybe a photo would help if i want him to stop
    Thanks loads

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