Brother steals my panties

Hi been looking for answers on the internet to this one, bit confused. I'm new here sorry. So background, I'm 14 and i live with my parents and 16 yo brother. I recently started noticing that my worn panties were disappearing from the washing basket, and after looking I found a pair under my brothers bed stick with his cum, it was gross.
I freaked out but was scared to do anything, so i decided to try and catch him. After seeing him grab a pair i spied on him and saw him sniffing and licking the crotch, which freaked me out even more.
Scared to talk to him i decided the next day to hang a fresh warm pair on his door handle, knock and run, so he would have to talk to me.
He didn't talk to me, he just used them and put them in the wash, so i tried again, and he did the same.
I decided on something new, i knocked on his door, then went back to mine, he opened his, but no panties, just me watching, he looked confused, then i slipped my panties down under my dress and through them to him and he disappeared with them.
A couple of days later he knocks on my door and comes in and says "can i have your panties?", curious i say "i wanna watch", so this time i see my brother jerking his hard cock, sniffing my panties, then cumming in them.
I got quite excited, and i wanna do it again, or more, but it feels very wrong. I don't think my brother is normal, and i think he might be making me in to a pervert like him, what should i do?
Please advise

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  • Hey Zara what’s been happening?

  • LOL -- Some kid fantasizes about his sister, so he makes up this crap about his brother stealing his panties.

    I'd prefer to read about mom vacuuming her son's room and finding her daughter's panties with is soggy mess. Come suppertime, mom could serve up everyone's plate giving brother his last. You guessed it! The evidence right on his supper plate. Dad, mom, brother, sister -- and the truth.

    Time to talk.

  • You should watch him, nothing wrong with being a pervert as long as no one is harmed! :D

  • Thanks for the advice, i guess watching doesn't hurt anyone. Can i ask are you a girl or boy? Age? Any experience? Z

  • I would love to buy a pair of your worn panties.

  • Buy? Seriously? Why? Very curious about this. Zara x

  • Just to see what your pussy aroma is like

  • What part of the UK do you stay. Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales

  • I'm English, home counties area. Z

  • I’m hard as a rock picturing this. Let him smell and lick your panties on you then see what happens. Maybe he could lick the real thing! Smelling panties is amazing and I’m sure at 14 yours smell amazing and sweet!!

  • What is it with panties? Can i ask your age, just curious if this is a boy thing or older guys too? Who's panties do you smell? Zara

  • This supposedly Zara is nothing but a crock of BULLSHIT

  • Your brothers behavior is perfectly normal. You should ask him if he wants to sniff the real thing. Let him bury his face in your snatch while he jerks off. There is also nothing wrong with doing oral on each other, if you are both willing. Even letting him bury his cock up your vag is fine, so long as you use birth control. If you don't have any birth control means, then you can always let him do you in the butt, but when he cums, make sure it doesn't drip out and get onto your pussy, them young sperm cells are super strong swimmers and can knock you up if they get anywhere near your vaginal opening.

  • I agree, but disagree about using protection. Just fuck him. Let him release in you, and accept his seed. It’s a beautiful thing, let it happen

  • I really think anything sex related would be wrong, but can i ask, why would he want to smell down there? I mean i have nothing wrong down there lol, but why would a boy like it so much? Also really confused about 'in the butt' that sounds gross, and surely not possible?, not that i would ever do it.

  • Most men love the smell of a womans vagina, some sort of an animalistic pheromone type thing I think. Drives men wild. If the thought of doing sex with your brother seems wrong to you, then most certainly don't do it. Tell your brother how you feel, and maybe just keep him in fresh panties to sniff, nothing wrong with that.

  • Anal sex is very possible. My girlfriend said it hurt a little at first then she felt like she needed to take a shit but then that passed and she really got into it and loves a good fuck in the butt. Oh use lube

  • Sorry, sounds gross

  • I do my wife in the butt a few times a month. Usually when she is on the rag, and sometimes just for a change of pace. She actually enjoys it, and it is really NOT gross. I strongly urge all women to try it at least once, lots of lube is a necessity. A womans body is full of pleasure zones, they should all be explored and enjoyed.

  • Let him lick your pussy a few times and take photos of him licking you and then blackmail to eat your pussy when its your bad week

  • Your brother is totally normal, I used to the same with my sisters and one of them let me go down on her quite often. She never reciprocated but would let me have all I wanted.

  • My brothers used to use us for practice all the time! It’s very normal.

  • 'Practice' what do u mean? Z

  • Hey thanks for sharing, can i ask how old you and your sisters were at the time? I'm assuming you are older now? And can i check, is 'going down' using your mouth to pleasure a girl on her vagina? Sorry I'm a bit innocent in these things
    Zara x

  • Yeah going down is when a guy uses his mouth and tinge to orally give you pleasure down there. The smell to a guy can be very intoxicating and can leave them wanting more

  • Ok thanks for that, there is alot to learn. Are u ok to answer my other questions on age etc, just curious. Zara

  • Yes fire away

  • Before i asked how old you and your sisters were at the time and how old you are now? Z

  • Zara would you be open to letting your brother masterbate you through your panties? Or even fuck him?

  • Reply from lower comment - i hope it doesn't itch, seems fine right now, so smooth - i like it. You want to see it! That's a bit naughty, can i ask how old you are? Just curious, im not offended it's ok if your quite old, i wasn't planning on showing you sorry. Got more news after you reply ;)

  • Haha I don’t expect you to post pictures. I said it as an off the cuff remark. That would be bad for you if it got out plus it could be used by some really horrible people. Keep yourself safe ;)

  • Hey Zara how’s the shaved pussy ?
    I’m 40, you probably think I’m really old now lol but that’s ok.
    So what’s the update?

  • Hey, yea not that old, there are some pretty cute guys in their 30s, and some pretty hot celebs in there 40s. Obviously I'm not gonna date them but they're cute.
    It's all good down there btw, think it's gonna stay shaved, just part of my shower routine, will post update below.

  • Update. So the previous night, again i went for a shower, and again i went back to my room in a towel. This time no brother in my room, but i get a light knock on the door and a whisper 'can i come in'. (my brother has got very polite lately, i think he thinks being nice helps) feeling a little excited and vulnerable in a towel, i let him in. He is clearly looking me up and down, and tells me i look hot.
    I told him to sit on the bed don't move and be silent. Then stood right in front of him i dropped my towel and stood fully naked in front of him. His eyes lit up, he gasped, and there was movement in his trousers. I danced around for a few seconds then started to dress, slipping on panties and bra, danced a little more then put the rest of my clothes on.
    My brother was good, didn't move, just sat there with his mouth open and his trousers bulging. Afterwards i kicked him out with my worn panties. I felt so high, excited and aroused. Great warm feeling inside. Zara xxx

  • Nice. Looks like you hold the power now but do watch out how far you push him. Us guys can get highly excited and lose control and then he might push things his way. Does that thought excite you

  • Definitely couldn't have sex, it's wrong with your brother, isn't it?
    I know i shouldn't really masterbate, but i enjoy it. I think it could be fun to masterbate whilst my brother watched, as long as i did it through my panties, then change them without him looking and let him have the worn pair.
    Could i let him touch my panties, i don't know, it might feel so good.
    What do you think? Also are you a girl or boy?
    Thanks again
    Zara x

  • Hi Zara I’m a boy and I think you could tease him by playing through your panties. Maybe let him touch you for say 10 seconds then tell him to leave.
    I have a wife and great sex life which also includes her dad in our little gangbang

  • Hi, thanks for replying again. Last night me and my brother were watching TV in my room, i was lying on my bed and he was sat. I had my PJs on and he started touching my ass, stroking and tickling me. He then ran his hand up my leg, and stroked between my legs, it felt good, so even though i knew it wasn't right i actually moved my legs apart.
    He began pulling my PJs off and i just laid there on my tummy watching TV. Once off he placed is hand back on my ass and stroked my panties between my legs.
    I was frozen still, didn't know what to do, my head said stop him but my body wasn't listening.
    His touches felt so good, and he made me make my panties a bit wet.
    He tried to touch my vagina, but i stopped him, i sat up, took off my panties, gave them to him and hid under the covers.
    I'm pretty sure he saw everything, and when i asked him to leave, he was clearly hard. He took my panties back to his room sniffing them as he went, and after he had left i just got a new pair.
    I was shaking, from excitement and nervousness. How far can i let this go? Sex is a no no. I'm a virgin, and never put anything in there, and he's my brother.
    Thanks for being honest with me, your relationship seems strange to me, but thanks for sharing.
    Any advice welcome
    Zara xx

  • Omg Zara that just blew my mind. Wow and really hot!!!
    Definitely don’t let him fuck you just now but do let the touching continue for a few more times on your grounds. I’m guessing you don’t have a dildo as you’ve never put anything in there.
    Try exploring your body by yourself and let me know what happens in a few days. Yeah we definitely have a strange situation but the taboo is so kinky for all of us

  • Hey thanks for getting back so quick, last night felt totally crazy, and i have been thinking on it a lot at school today. Not sure what might happen when i get home later.
    I think your right i should explore my body myself to be comfortable with it, but this means i keep having urges to touch myself.
    I don't know what my brother really wants, if it's just my underwear or more, i guess maybe he wants to see a girl naked, maybe he never has. Not sure if that would be a good idea. Not sure if i feel comfortable with being naked.
    Thanks for all your help
    Zara xx

  • Hi again Zara.
    It’s perfectly normal to touch and explore yourself and I’m not going to say you have to do this or that but don’t jump straight to sex. Every single one of us men want to fuck. It’s inbuilt into us to breed as a species and your brother is no exception. His hormones will be running wild as yours will soon being doing also.
    Keep in touch x

  • Last night was pretty crazy again. Our parents were out, i hadn't seen my brother, all was normal. I decided to go for a shower, but when came back to my room my brother was there. I was only wearing a towel and it was only just big enough to cover me boobs to bottom, he could see very high up my leg, and the tops of my boobs, i felt quite exposed, and worried the towel would come open. He wanted to watch me dress but i said no, and to get out. He agreed if he could come back to watch TV with me, and said 'You should put these on' throwing a pair of panties he found in my drawer and must have liked.
    I put the panties and my PJs on as quick as i could, sat on the bed and put the TV on. He came in shortly after and sat very close, i felt very nervous, but he just watched TV, this left me confused.
    Then suddenly he put his hand on my leg, and it was moving higher. As he got to my crotch he asked 'have you put them on?' I nodded, and he started rubbing between my legs through my PJs. I was so scared.
    Not knowing what to do, and not really wanting it to stop i laid back and just shut my eyes.
    It felt good, so i didn't stop him when he slipped his hand in my PJs. It felt even better through just the panties, but omg what was happening.
    Then i felt his finger lifting the waistband of my panties, and his finger slide under. I gasped, my heart was thumping, i was paralysed. His finger reached my pubic hair, and then i felt the end of his finger touch my vagina, just enough for it to part and him to touch the wet bit. Still paralysed with fear, or excitement i could do nothing. Suddenly our parents came home, he pulled his hand out and hastily moved up. I calmed down just in time for my dad to walk in to check on us, and there we were just watching TV.

    Update over, can't believe it happened, it's messing with my head. Once again any thoughts?
    Sorry about my choice of words, i find describing that area of my body difficult, wouldn't mind so help with that. Zara

  • Omg Zara again wow! Don’t worry about your choice of words, as they are your own. They all help to tell an incredible story.
    Sounds like you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on. The heart pounding excitement and confusion are leading you to an erotic journey from what I’m reading, but stay in control.
    I know it’s cheeky to ask Zara but can you give us a good description of yourself?

    Till your next update. Good night x

  • Hey, I'm not sure how good i will be at describing myself but I'll try. I'm 14, from the UK, I'm white, quite pale actually, quite tall for my age, 5'6, and thin but not skinny. I am a keen swimmer and do gymnastics, so i guess I'm quite fit. I have blonde hair to my shoulders, and I'm told i have a pixie nose lol. I don't have an especially womanly body yet, still growing i guess. ( you would not be impressed with the size of my boobs lol)
    I don't know what else to say, feel free to ask for anything more?. I hope this effort is ok so far.
    Nothing new to report so far, but i think your right i am enjoying it, even if it seems so wrong. Confusing. I'll report back if any news, or if you have a question.
    Zara xxx

  • Hey Zara. You sound like what my sister looked like at your age.
    Sounds like you have definitely woken up something inside and I would suggest getting your self a vibrator to help learn what you enjoy. I say vibrator so you can enjoy the vibrations and feelings on your clit without having to slide it all the way in which would ruin your virginity by breaking the hymen.
    Keep me posted x

  • Oh, don't think a vibrator is a good idea, i know what they are, but no idea where to get one, or hide it. Best not. Z

  • Hey, sorry for not replying, we were visiting relatives this weekend. It meant me and my brother had to share a room, something i didn't know when i packed my summer PJs. These ones are satin short and vest hello kitty set, kinda baggy, so not hard so see a glimpse of bum or boob if i bend over, so not the best choice. My brother has stopped wearing PJs and sleeps in just boxers, so i could see basically his whole body, bulge included. :)
    I thought he wouldn't try anything, but after everyone was asleep, we were chatting, he got in my bed so we could whisper. I turned away, on my side, and he pulled in behind me, putting his arms round me. I thought this was sweet till i felt his cock pressing against my bum. His hands moved up my body to my boobs, i let him feel for a few seconds then turned to tell him to stop. He grabbed my bum and pull me to his cock. I pushed back and he laid back, frustrated he said he was so hard, but couldn't wank as we were sharing a room.
    I told him he should just do it, so he pulled down his shorts and started. Omg that thing was so stiff and red, i was so shocked, first time I'd seen it. Anyway, he wanted to touch me to help, i said no, but offered to use my hand. That did the trick! Lol
    Super messy, mainly on him, a bit on me. He cleaned up and went back to bed. I cant believe i touched it !
    Zara x

  • Typo. First time I've seen it close up!

  • My sweat Zara when and if this happens again you should open up you pj too to let him see your breasts and when he’s ready to cum, lean over him and let it shoot out across your chest. It’ll wipe off easy enough.
    You could then move to having him wank off behind you as you’re in the doggy position with you’re head down on the bed, and have him cum over you ass cheeks while wearing knickers or have him shoot it all over your back.
    Have you thought about letting him touch you anymore or where.

  • Nothing new to report but i have a question. I think all this has made me more body conscious, not in a bad way, just more aware. Like my mum suggested i shouldn't wear my summer PJs round the house any more, i thought she thought i was lazy, but i now realise they were too revealing to wear around my dad and brother. Just an example, anyway my question is about pubic hair. Sorry, i know its gross. Before my brother put his hand down there no one had, but as he did i was worried what he would think. I don't have alot of hair but it's tufty, should i trim or shave it off? I know a friend who does, and she says boys don't like hair. Thought you could help.
    Zara xx
    P.s. What you suggested sounds exciting, not sure if i am brave enough tho

  • I personally love a shaved or waxed pussy. Don’t mind a little trimmed strip just above the vagina but hate a full hairy pussy but that really depends on the guy. Lots of different likes and dislikes.

  • I took a shower when i got in and shaved it all off. Harder than it looks actually, and feels a little tender. I can't decide if it makes me look young again, or grown up. Feels weird but sexy i guess :) Zara xxx

  • Just be ready to shave very regular. If you let it start growing it will become very itchy.
    Wish I could see it. Wink wink

  • No more room to type gonna reply to your first comment see higher up

  • Watch him doing it but take some photos, then you can blackmail him whenever you like.
    He is pretty normal a lot of young males do similar.

  • Interesting you say it's normal, do you have any experience of this? My first thought when you said blackmail was that I'm not sure i want him to stop, i have found the thought arousing, and even left him post masterbation panties to find, i just can't believe i let it go this far. On the other hand the fear of getting caught is huge, so maybe a photo would help if i want him to stop
    Thanks loads

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