Is sex for grades ok?

I'm a college freshman girl, struggling a little, but obviously want to get good grades. I have the same professor for most my modules, and after a poor mid term I was invited to his office for advice/help. After dispensing his advice, he said, "...or you could let me fuck you and I'll see you get an A" and laughed, but i could tell this wad no joke.
So do I risk failing freshman or let a guy older than my dad fuck me? Oh and btw I'm a virgin!
Jane from Cali

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  • Hi Jane are you getting any better at sucking Justin's nice cock ?
    Eventually you will find that you can hold his cum in your mouth then open so he can see it then swallow it all, that is a fantastic compliment for any man

  • Really just interested in regular sex right now. I'm really in to being on top in control, it feels best in me. J has hurt his ankle, so I'm looking after him, i have ordered a naughty nurse outfit, expected today, so let's see if he's in to that? Jane

  • Good girl that sounds horny, don't give up on the blow jobs though

  • He really loved the nurse outfit, i prescribed him a morning bj, and sex before bed. I also tried dressing as a schoolgirl, as my old uniform still fits me, he loved that too. I'm enjoying playing these roles, it's a turn on to me too. I'm worried J might hurt is other ankle to keep his nurse service.
    Oh, i have had a request from the prof to pay him a visit, over something trivial again.

  • That is just so very good darling role playing is a big part in a sexual relationship, I am so glad you enjoy Justin fucking you, it is fantastic when you are on top in control.
    I think your professor is about to make a serious move on you sweetie be careful please let us know xxx

  • Had my visit to the prof, this time i 'didnt fill out the assignment submission sheet correctly' so he could reject it and get a fat zero, which would mean i fail. He said luckily he was reasonable and would break the rules by allowing me to change the submission sheet.
    I sat down to fill it in, and quite quickly his hands were on my shoulders 'just keep writing' he said as he slipped his hand down my top and grabbed my boobs. I knew if i wrote quickly it would end, but i can't write when that's going on. He kept groping and pushed my bra down so my boobs came out. He was playing with my nipples, and i could see his pants bulging. He started to undo his pants, i got the form filled in as he got his cock out. I pulled my bra back up and my top, pushed the new sheet on him and left.
    I felt a bit violated but i had done what i needed to do. It's J i feel for, he must never know. Jane

  • Female 23 Jane, that is a really nice cock Justin has you might get some comments that 6 to 7 inches and quite thick is perfect but don't worry sweetie you will find Justin's is as good after you both get some practice.
    I have been reading your post with interest and dislike your professor however I think if push comes to shove your best idea would be to offer him blow jobs nothing else.

  • You sound female? I'm very happy with what Justin has and think bigger would hurt me (kinda small). I think most women must get sick of being told big is better with penises, it's bullshit. I have a friend who slept with a guy who was 'big', she said she felt bruised after, and wouldn't see him again.
    P.s thanks for taking an interest, i appreciate everyone's help. I feel like it's a way of bj yet, not considering that, plus never done one and it sounds gross. Jane

  • Try it with Justin as soon as possible you might gag for the first few times but you will get the hang of it, you don't have to swallow his cum the first few times but it will be expected, don't forget to look up at him while your doing it, plenty of tips on the net.

  • I gave it a try! Made sure it was straight out the shower. Went well at first, he really loved it, but then he came suddenly and i was not expecting it. Most went straight down my throat, but that made me choke, i kinda coughed most of it up all over my face and body. Very gross.
    J was so apologetic, and agreed to return the favour, which was omg amazing, my whole body shuddered, and i was shaking after. We curled up together after :)

  • So fantastic Jane, great that you are prepared to give sexual adventure a go please Jane keep trying and soon you will really enjoy giving Justin blow jobs and having 69ers.
    Maybe not just now darling but also start thinking of anal sex again it may take a little while and some practice but I am sure you will both enjoy it xxxx

  • Hey, really enjoying sex now, and I'm feeling horny alot, it's great, and J's great. I want to try a 69er (actually had to look it up, how innocent am i lol), but sorry anal still sounds gross, and i can't see anything in it for the woman!
    J has a car now, so we go places and do it in the back lol, we even tried it outside! (bit Chilly)
    Nothing from the prof, let's hope that was the last of it and i passed. Jane

  • Darling that is so fantastic, keep on with all types of sex I am certain you both will just love it, your going great.
    Don't totally discount anal sex darling initially I thought it was dirty and would hurt but after we tried it a few times I really got to like it, my husband started by fingering my bum and progressed from there we now do doggie most of the time xxxxx

  • Ok, i tried stroking my bum hole whilst i touched myself, just to see what it was like. The end of my finger went in and i have to say it made my orgasm better. I felt gross afterwards and scrubbed my finger for ages. (maybe disposable gloves are needed). At least i tried it

  • Jane that is so very great just take your time and keep playing with your bum eventually you will want Justin to do it then when your comfortable lube up and have him mount you, take it slow but you will love it xxxx

  • Hey, i realised that i didn't have to push in and out for the effect, just have something there, so i tried pushing a dead sharpy pen covered in lube. It felt great during orgasm, but my bum pushed it out as i orgasmed. Pen went in the bin lol Jane

  • Jane your so magnificent, just keep trying sweetie, at least you know it feels nice, probably best to go to an adult shop and purchase a butt plug.

  • I got drunk and bought something online, i laughed when i saw what i had ordered later. It's some sort of triple vibrator. One bit goes in your pussy, one up your ass and the other on your clit. Damn thing looks scary. I shouldn't read these posts after drinking then go shopping, like i was ever gonna buy a butt plug, wtf have i done lol

  • Hey Jane how about a description of Justin's cock, length, width both hard and soft, circumcised or not plus what his balls are like.
    Could you please tell us if you shave.

  • I was a bit too worried about losing my V to bring a ruler, but i would say maybe 5' long, maybe 1.5' wide, soft it's half those i would say, not circumcised. Balls were hairy and dangly, until you touch them, then they pull in tight (fun game). Yes i am totally shaved, always have been, picked it up from my sister. I think i want laser removal, so i never have to do it again, or worry about it being sore.
    So now i have told you, tell me why u want so much detail? I'm not cross, just curious. jane

  • Just trying to determine how happy you should be with his cock, it sounds very nice Jane just the perfect size for you, you will certainly not get sore with that you would be able to take that in your mouth or even in your bum with some lube, you should eventually try all your holes you both will love it.
    Really happy you like playing with his balls that is great, very glad that you shave darling a nice soft bald pussy is so attractive xxxxx.

  • You sound like a guy? How old r u?
    What is it with guys wanting bald pussy? and wanting to put things in our ass? (Thats gross)
    Genuinely curious Jane.

  • Guy 32, bald pussies are just so nice Jane look terrific plus we don't get pubic hairs in our teeth when we go down on you.
    Anal sex is fantastic Jane don't knock it till you try it, initially best to put butt plugs in so you are used to having your bum stretched and the feeling of something in there lube real well and be in the missionary position with legs high so Justin can enter after your used to it start doggie position I particularly love the feeling of dominance and being in total control.
    Doggie anal is our most favourite position.

  • Bald also makes us look like little girls. I'm not stupid enough to not know alot of guys love that. Jane

  • Let your conscience be your guide ...

  • Jane you seem to be handling this OK currently, your obviously a very smart young lady and I am certain you will go a long way, lucky Justin picking your cherry I really hope he is a very nice young man, you two may be a little clumsy with sex for a while but talk to each other and be supportive it will get a lot better and you both will start really loving it, I hope he has a nice cock.
    If you don't mind Darling what would you think if you found out that Justin loved to wear female lingerie ? and possibly wanted to expand into female dress along with make up and wigs ?
    All the best darling xxxxx

  • You do realise Jane is a guy, right?

  • Woah, really odd question, why do you ask?
    I think he would look funny in lingerie, so if it was him messing about or something for the bedroom then i would go with it. If he wanted to do it in public, i think it could be embarrassing, but my first though would be 'i really don't know this guy' which would be sad.
    Please explain though. Jane.

  • Just thinking because my wife supports me wearing lingerie make up and wigs along with female gear I have plenty of my own, I am straight and only do it at home, wondering what you would think of it, sounds like you could be supportive of it.
    Good girl xxxxx

  • Although you are both adults, he's abusing his power. In my 20s I got hit on by a female prof in her 30s (and I'm female). I identified as bi-curious at the time, but mostly dated guys. It went from talking about grades, to invites to coffee shops, and then invites to her house, and she had a husband. She never said that I had to have sex with her for a good grade, but she'd say things like "you're acting like an A student" when I was failing tests, but slipping in between the sheets with her. I even screwed her husband. Looking back on it, I know I wasn't the only one.

  • Thanks for sharing, i thought this was a creepy guy thing but i guess not. Do you regret it? Also you screwed her husband, did you like him? Or was it revenge? Jane

  • I kinda regret it. In retrospect, I was getting "played," but didn't really understand it at the time. I screwed her husband with her. There was no revenge. He saw us in bed and joined us.

  • That’s hot. Did you do a threesome with them? Did you kiss and make out together? In her office?

  • You need to report this prof to the dean right away. This is sexual harrassment and whereas it might seem an easy way to get an A, you need to learn the material or you are just cheating yourself. And I guarantee he is doing this to a lot of other girls or he wouldn't be so obvious with it. He is a sleaze and if you fuck him chances are he will get you more than an A - herpes or the clap.

  • Blah! Your just too fat and ugly to pull it off

  • Jane, you seem to be a very nice girl, I suggest you certainly get on the pill quickly, next time he has you on his lap see if you can determine the size of his cock you will be OK if it's not too large but if it's big just tell him when the time comes your far too scared to have him try your cunt or arse but you should be prepared to try him in your mouth just stop if you start gagging.
    Probably best if you shave your pubes because I feel he will want to at least see you naked and have a play maybe pull him off before you get your final pass.
    All the best Honey

  • If you are a whore, it's okay. Problem with fucking for grades, is that you have many different classes and different teachers, and if you can't get by on brains and hard work, eventually you will find a professor who won't fuck you, and you will flunk his or her class, and all the fucking you did will be for nothing.

  • Your so wrong Jane is not a slut or whore she has been placed in this situation from no wrong doing by her, she just needs to handle it without having him fuck her it will be difficult but not impossible obviously he is initially scoring her low so she comes to see him about a review along with other female students, he needs a giant kick in the balls if not fired

  • Thanks for the support. I worry he's marking me down but have no proof. Maybe I'm being played or maybe I'm not as bright as i thought. I know its risky whatever i do. Just want to avoid it going too far. jane

  • So you fuck this guy for an A, what are you gonna do about the next class, then you got three more years to go. Are you going to fuck your way through college?? Then when you get in the real world sweetie you’re really going to get fucked. Do yourself a favor quit screwing around focus on school then you could enjoy the rest your life with your V card.

  • Lots of pretty but dumb women fuck their way through college then fuck their way to success in business and keep fucking BUT then they get old and are no longer fuckable and a younger woman gets the fuck and the rewards

  • This is so true, case in point myself. I did those things, and then a younger version came along, and out the door it was for me

  • I don't want to do this long term, just shore up my grades so i don't fail. I'm working hard. How long did you do it and how old were you? What did you do? Jane

  • You had a good run, in the end that’s all we can ask for and hope to get.

  • This happens both ways. I was hit on by one of my profs, at the time she was probably late 40's to 50's but was in great shape and pretty. She told me that she would offer me some tutoring and gave me her address. I showed up with my notes and books, she laughed at me and how naïve I was at the time. She explained that she was more interested in my physical capabilities than mental and after about an hour of talking we were going up to her bedroom. She was wrong though because she did tutor me a lot and I learned about what a woman wants from her. she was not shy at all and told me what to do and how to do it.

  • Thanks for commenting, interesting to hear this happens with guys too (I'm assuming you are, sorry if not). You don't sound like you regret it? Did you get the grades?

  • If its your virginity you want to protect just suck his cock

  • Ha ha very practical advice thanks, but I'm wrestling with my morals as much as anything. Can i ask, are you a girl or guy?

  • Girl, ive given a blowjob or two for grades and it never hurt anyone so i dont ever look back and feel bad

  • Thanks - nice to get a girls view, and honest (not moral high ground). It's not gone that far yet, so pretty easy grades atm. Were u at college also? How old were u? Was it your professor? How old was he? Would love to hear more from the voice of experience. Jane

  • Better make sure your on the pill you sound like you are starting to want him to fuck you
    This guy is not going to give up next time there will be a bit more and serious sexual intent

  • You seem to look at it so casually, pill aside, this would be my virginity! Scared of losing it in general (pain, mess, etc) let alone to my professer. Are you a girl or guy? Any actual experience of this?

  • Hi Jane I'me a guy, my girlfriend gave a few blow jobs and a couple of roots to get through uni then a couple of roots to obtain great jobs it was no big deal she had lost her virginity at 16 to me and if she had not done it certainly would have at least had to repeat a year or two.
    She still has sex with her CEO he's a nice older single guy who has lost his wife because of that she cruises at work gets every bonus plus massive pay rises, she prepares and goes to conferences all over the country with him where they share a room, she gets a fully maintained company car and virtually has time off whenever she likes also gets paid resort style holidays, she is not his secretary but sort of a CEO's assistant, noone at work puts shit on her that's for sure.

  • So she's a whore? Prostituting herself is all she knows? Just like all the other skanks and sluts out just waiting to take her place. Surely that will happen sooner, rather than later.

  • She likes it and I don't mind at least I know she is not giving out to every Tom, Dick and Harry, we both love her benefits we already have one condo unit and are paying off another, we own everything else but live in a company flat for less than half market rent plus he has been snipped for her so they can do it whenever they like.
    Her boss adores the situation we are certain he wants it to continue for a long while.

  • You may change your tune when she leaves you for his money.

  • You are in California and this "educated" professor is currently behaving this way and has grasped nothing from the "#me too" movement?

    He certainly is not doing this for the first time. He may even be doing it with some of your fellow students right now.

  • I had not thought that i may not be the only one, how dumb of me, thanks for the advice. Jane

  • Jane, Jane, Jane darling of course your not alone he is getting off with every girl he can in his classes, have a look at the girls that get great marks but don't appear to be too smart bet they are cute with great bodies

  • I'm gonna check your theory out, see if hot body equals good grades. There are a good few attractive girls so i may need to look for a type. Kinda hope your wrong. Jane

  • Ok so looking at my classes and girls who have better than expected grades it is possible I'm not the only one. Maybe I'm just seeing things, but if it's true it looks like he has a type. Petite, pretty but innocent looking, and not very busty.

  • Most people have a type, so that is very likely.

  • Thanks Jane I bet your correct.
    Look after yourself Sweetie xxx

  • If your right i think you could maybe add young looking. I have always looked young, late developer small boobs etc. Bit worrying if that's his type. Hope your wrong. I wonder if he marks a load of his type down then those who say no offset those that say yes, grades wise. Jane x
    P.s. I can tell your a girl, but to you mind if I ask your age? And if you have any experience?

  • Hi Jane 26 married for 4 years to high school sweetheart never cheated xxx

  • Thanks for sharing, and for all your help. I have another request to go see him later, will post how it goes. Not told Justin.

  • Just been in to see him again, this is definitely getting repetitive. He told me i had plagiarized somone else's work, which i hadn't. He put down my work and somone else's on the desk and told me to look at them, explaining this was a serious offence. there was no chair so i stood, looking for what was the same. He came up behind me and placed his hand on my lower back and told me to look closer. His hand crept down to my ass and then under my skirt. I was frozen, as his hand slipped between my legs. He stroked the crotch of my panties, saying can you see it yet. It was arousing but involuntary, i eventually said yes i could see it. He stopped and said he would overlook it this once. I turned around and he was clearly hard in his trousers. I openly asked him what he wanted from me, he said, your an intelligent girl I'm sure you can work it out. I just left. Jane

  • He is clearly putting the weights on you darling it is going to be difficult getting out of this without him getting that cock in you.
    I can't think of any way of avoiding it sorry Jane xxxxx

  • Yea i feel its ramping up, not sure how far he will push it. Right now it's kinda just extreme groping, and we've all be groped right? Can't remember the last time i went out and didn't get my ass grabbed at least. I still feel the risks of stopping it are more than what I have to endure right now. (he's not been rough, and he makes it feel pleasurable and very uncomfortable at the same time) Jane

  • So not knowing your whole situation I slept with a prof for a good grade but I did not care about the class at all. It was just a requirement class for an elective and I failed the first exam. I was talking to him about it and he actually brought it up saying that he was willing to look at extra credit asking me if I would come by his place. Once I showed up I just gave him the deal right away telling him that I would come by his place twice a month if I received a B for the class, he upped it and told me if I came by every weekend it would be an A. I got an A from him and most of the time I did not even have to do anything, he would just want to have me naked and would pleasure the hell out of me with his tongue.

  • Hi, thanks for commenting. So it turned in to a longer term thing for you, but never sex? It sounds like you have no regrets? Did you actually enjoy it? Jane

  • We had sex but most of the time he just wanted to pleasure me, he really got off on just doing oral on me. I rarely if ever just gave him a blow job, he always wanted me naked and quite often would also massage my whole body before getting to the oral. He was really into toes and feet so he spent a lot of time massaging my feet and kissing them.

  • Massage and being pleasured, actually sounds pretty good, I'm not surprised you went along with it. I assume you even enjoyed it? Jane

  • Quick update, i sat on his knee whilst he stroked my leg, and he upped a borderline grade. I didn't hate it, it was kinda sensual but also creepy. He has more of my papers to mark, not sure what happens next

  • He will press you for more attn. Record your meeting with him and I guarantee you will hvw no more issue with him. Screw the grade not him.

  • He did want more and i let it happen, all fool me, but again it was kinda arousing. Very confused. How can i record a meeting?

  • Report him. Even joking about that is harassment. You will be protected.

  • Spread your legs and get the A. View it as transactional.

  • No way. Have some self respect. Try and get some evidence and report him.

  • This is difficult Jane sweetheart if you don't agree you will never ever get a pass that is for sure, if you do better get on the pill because he will be fucking you all the time and what use your passes if you don't really understand the courses you will go on but start really falling behind the next year.
    I feel so sorry for you.
    Next time you talk to him have your phone on record and talk about his demand for sex say you are still considering it ask how often you have to give out and how long before he needs an answer, then you have him sweetie.

  • Thanks for the advice, i got summoned back, as i had a "borderline grade" clearly an excuse to get me in his office. (I'm starting to feel he marks me down because I'm pretty). I told him that i would not have sex with him, and he seemed to accept, but insisted i sat on his knee whilst he regraded my work. I was nervous but did it. He stroked my leg, and was sweet. I left with the higher grade, and found it oddly sensual. Bit confused and hope it's a one off, but i have 3 papers with him for marking.

  • Honey, this will not be a one off, it will escalate with him wanting to go a bit further and do more over time.

  • Deep down i know your right, but it felt so easy, and really not that bad, i maybe even liked it for a second. I have not been touched like that before, high school boys just want to grab parts of your body, this was kinda nice.
    I don't want to be a dumb naive fresher so i do hear what you say. I really do, but i can't promise i won't be tempted for the easy grade again. I have a tutorial with him later let's see what that brings. I will have your words in my head though.
    Jane x

  • Please let us know xxx

  • It happened again, I'm sorry. Once again i was summoned to review an assignment. He said if i had my laptop he could help me make changes, print and swap it with my submitted one. I sat opposite him and at first it looked like genuine help, then he wanted to read it back, so grabbed a chair and put it next to mine. As he spoke he put his hand on my knee, and as we discussed the assignment his hand went higher. When i asked 'what are you doing' he said 'helping you write better essays'. His hand went under my skirt and eventually he touched my panties. He lightly stroked up and down the crotch which was both disturbing and arousing. I tried to finish updating my work, but it was intense. I began to get quite wet which i felt guilty about, then the phone rang. Straight away he said ' email me it' and pointed to the door. He waited till i left to answer the phone.
    Why do i keep letting this happen? I get so confused when it feels good, then i get cross with myself for not resisting.

    That's my update, it seems I'm not great at following advice
    Jane x

  • Report this creepy guy to the administration. You need to lose your virginity to someone you love, not some creepy old dude who is taking advantage of you. Go to the presidents office and tell the receptionist that you want to report a professor who has told you he will give you an A if you have sex with him. In this time of #metoo they should fall over themselves to remove this guy from the classroom. If they don't then call a local TV station and see what they say.

  • Update: Not a virgin anymore! But you will be pleased to know it was not my professor that popped my cherry but a cute guy called Justin. It hurt at first but i didn't bleed, overall enjoyed it, didn't last long and didn't orgasm, but don't mind. Not sure what this means for the prof, on one hand, not risking my V but on the other hand, i kinda like Justin, and it would seem like cheating. Life is so complicated. I know i should report him, but i feel its been ok so far, and i am getting the marks. If i complain they may remark and fail me.

  • WOW Jane your cherry is gone EH ! lucky boy but it would have been a bit clumsy I bet first up always is.
    You can now start on gaining experience, enjoying sex and having nice orgasms.
    You certainly sound like a great girl.
    Still ensure your on the pill darling.

  • It was very clumsy, and short, but magical all the same. I can orgasm by myself, looking forward to how sex orgasms may be different. I have an appointment for the pill, i think it will be better than condoms. Exciting times. But still waiting on a result from the prof, let's see what happens there. Jane

  • Yes taking the pill is heaps better than condoms so certainly get that working darling might be best if you don't let Justin have a root till your secure there then you can go for your lives anytime anywhere, have a nice time xxxx
    Hey does Justin have a nice cock ?

  • Haha, ' ant time, anywhere', you sound like the voice of experience, any exciting stories you want to share?
    Is Justin's cock nice, i don't really know, i was a virgin last week, and hadn't fooled around. I like to play with it, i touch it alot, i like to stroke it when it's soft and watch it stand to attention for me. So yes it's nice, it's lovely because it's mine to play with. Jane

  • If your not on the pill yet do it quickly or get a pack of condoms your going to have something in your nice little cunt soon Baby

  • Say no.

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