How much masterbation is ok for a girl?

Hey, I'm a 19 yo girl, single, but i have occasional one nighters or hook ups with friends, otherwise it's just me. I feel like maybe i masterbate too much, but it's one of those subjects no one talks about so i don't know.
I usually wake up horny, and a bit wet, and can't help slipping my hand in my PJs for a play. When I've cum it's right in the shower and on with my day. As the day goes on i get horny again and usually when I'm changing after work, my underwear has a big wet patch and i can't help but grab my vibe. I sometimes masterbate in bed before sleep and i have even done it at work. On average 2 - 3 times a day, and sex about twice a week. Is this too much?

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  • I masturbate about 10 12 times a day and I can't get horny24-7 he'll I'm going to now

  • Love to masturbate to my secretary . She will sit on her chair pull her skirt up pull her panties aside and fingers that wet hot pussy! I join her and we both reach orgasm together. I clean her up with my tongue and she cleans my cum filled cock! It’s the best!!!

  • This doesn't sound very believable sorry. I agree totally hot, but it sounds like a porn plot lol. I masterbate at work sometimes, but it's in secret. Em

  • Mmmmmm is all I can say!

  • If you’re pussy hasn’t fell off yet it’s not too much

  • Are you a guy or girl?, your comment sounds like a guy comment, interesting if not. (Gross tho)
    Oh and if u r a girl, how often do u do it.

  • The only way to know this is to masturbate and masturbate and masturbate and masturbate and masturbate and masturbate more. After you've come so many times that your clit refuses to climax another time, you've had just enough. Any more than that is 'too much.'

  • That seems a bit extreme, all i meant was should i be this god damn horny all the time? I try to restrain myself, but it's a constant feeling

  • 19 years old girls masturbating makes me want to masturbate. Don't worry about it emma. You are just fine.

  • Hey can i ask, did you ever masterbate thinking of me? I thought about you saying it and found it quite a turn on!
    Also i assume your a guy, how old? Don't be shy! but please tell the truth

  • Of course i masturbate thinking of you emma. Your assumption is right, dear. I'm male and 46.

  • Ha ha, sorry about that. Hope you had a good time ;)

  • It really is far too much, you need to abstain for quite a while if you find it difficult maybe a confession or discussion with your local priest would help

  • As much as you need to leave you happy and sated ...

  • It's only too much if it prevents you from getting other things done in life. I never masturbated much when I was young, but I'm 32, frequently in the mood, and jill-off maybe once or twice a day now, sometimes in the restrooms at work even. It's stress relief and feels great. Enjoy.

  • Hey good to know I'm not the only one to 'use the rest room'. I get scared someone will hear but i feel like i am mastering the silent orgasm. I usually leave my panties on when i am in there, rubbing through is ok, or push to the side, but they get wet. Do you ever carry spare panties? Or a bag for the wet ones lol? Any tips welcome.

  • There is know such thing as masturbating to much, it's heathly and makes you a better lover. I have been masturbating for as long as I can remember, I discovered at an early age how to stimulate my clitoris with my fingers or rubbing it against something . I've masturbated everyday of my life as many times as I could, some days, all day long. My pussy only gets sore if I try and get something to big in. But it feels better the next day. Never feel bad about self pleasuring yourself or inserting the biggest cucumber you can find in the produce section of the store.

  • Mmmmmm

  • Learn to spell (masturbation) and I will tell you. lol

  • I do it 3 to 5 times per day. Totally addicted. Can't get enough.

  • Hey are you a guy or girl? I'm interested in what's ok for girls, i know guys can't help themselves.

  • No that's fine. Think how much it relaxes you. Keep going. Your body will tell you if it wants more, and then less.

  • Masterbation is a sin. You will surely go to Hell for touching yourself. The only sexual activity permitted by God is sex with your marital partner, and then, only for reproductive purposes. Unless, of course, you are a Catholic priest, and then you can fuck all the little boys you want.

  • Hey, never heard it called jilling off, i like that. Thanks for commenting, still horny, had a play in bed as usual this morning. :)

  • Well if you figure 'Jack and Jill ...' it kinda makes sense.

    It's actually called many things.

    My personal favorite is 'dialing the pink telephone.'

  • Ha ha, my friend calls it 'Flicking the bean' or 'flying solo'.
    Can i ask do you masterbate alot? If so do you consider it a free pleasure to enjoy guilt free whenever you like? I worry I'm addicted. How horny do you get? Do you ever Jill off not at home?
    Sorry if too intrusive

  • On the other hand, you could rephrase the question as ...

    How much jilling off is enough?

    Only you can decide.

  • I guess Emma is masturbating again..i no I am

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