Horny for my boss, what to do?

So I'm 22 Female, and a few months back i started a new job, and i realised i really fancy my boss. He is alot older, 40s i guess, but very cute with a great bod and ass. I found myself flirting with him and my heart races, especially when he flirts back. I don't mean to be crude, but this guy makes me wet!
What should i do, i don't even know if he is single, but I'm going crazy over him, and I'm sure he fancies me, but he's the boss, like the big boss, not just my supervisor.
Any advice?

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  • Well why don't you just go have a farm or plantation full of kids with your hooker wife then. Look at her enjoying the good life while others struggle like shitbags in her face. Are we enough shit dingle berries in your eyes kate and william. can you insult us commoners any further you british royals, trustng british paints would be easier. Every time I see those royal faces I think "awwwwFFFUUURREEAAAAHHH, them again, those scum bludgders with it all shoving it everyones faces like we are all dirt!" I get ill they make me sick just seeing them in news stands and shops. I avoid looking at the dirty bastards, and if you knew, if we all knew, if the press knew what they did well, no one would like them. The joke is. They don't know how they get away with it! It haunts them after a while being so over loved and such loved out freaks unlike most lonely poor peasant people!

  • There’s an old saying, don’t shit where you eat.

  • Does that translate to don't fuck where you work? I'm not sure, thanks anyway

  • Update: I found out he is divorced, 46 and has a 16 yo daughter. I'm still horny for him though. We went for lunch a couple of time and i could tell he was checking me out, i was trying to stay cool but i wanted him so badly each time. Think i need sex to calm me down, just too horny all the time arghhh

  • It's okay to fuck guys from work, I do it all the time, but don't fuck your boss. Trust me, it will get fucked up.

  • He is not my direct boss, he's the department head, so i don't see him all day everyday. I can tell he likes me, and i fantasize about him. Did you fuck your boss? What happened? Did u like him or do it for a promotion?

  • What do you do?

    You deal with it, sweetie.

  • How worried are you about losing your job? If not much then you should fuck him, nothing to lose.

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