Violent Sex

My boyfriend wants me to hit him during sex. Punching, slapping, kicking, stuff that would leave bruises. I can't do it because i'm not a sadist, but he absolutely loves this type of abuse when we're fucking. I don't know how to completely satisfy him. I'm worried he'll end up going to the hospital because i choked him out, or punched him too hard, too many times. It isn't wrong that i don't want to do that, right?

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  • You be careful my mates boyfriend did this. He was covered in bruises after a couple of weeks of it, he went to the police and got full custody of their 2 boys. Some people wanna be bruised as evidence- not pleasure.

  • You are correct to please your partner,

  • Why not spank each other instead? Its a healthy endorphin stimulator, lots of fun and it will NEVER choke anybody!

  • I'm well past my S&M days, but I did that plenty in my 20s with a few people. I don't discourage it, but I'll just say that just about everyone I did it with was not terribly well adjusted mentally, and it came out in the relationships in other ways. Take care of yourself and your partner too. Be well.

  • There are ways of causing pain and showing sadistic domination without doing much damage. Research s&m techniques. You may even find something you like in it.

  • Spank him hard while he is on top and your doing it.

  • Brass knuckles are a start .....

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