Story of a bitch

I'm a girl, 23, and I love being verbally humiliated. My bf is a cuckold, an he'd love seeing me having sex with other males, especially oral sex with a large group of males. Since he told me this, I've grew this feticisim: I love being insulted and used as cumbucket, being called 'slut', 'cum addicted' and so on. But, besides those ma so tendencies, there's more. I'd love having my own glory hole and sucking random males, or participating in a gangbang. I want to have sex day and night, being verbally humiliated and going beyond my own limits. I'd never refuse any sexual proposal, even the strangest, cause the only thing I want is to make men cum and pleasure them..

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  • So why are you a bitch? You sound like the perfect woman.

  • Sounds like my sister in laws, they are so crazy and they will want to act out all kinds of creep out sex pervert weird stuff and they wonder why I won't talk to them.

  • You must be nuts

  • You sound like my perfect slut. I bet you’d fuck a dog or horse for me

  • I blew a dog but as for the horse there huge

  • Did you make him cum. Did you enjoy the pre cum. Did you swallow?

  • After he licked my pussy which seemed for hours I got curious when his red tip was sticking out I just started sucking till he was oozing. It was weird but I couldn’t help myself, that’s all I did with him.

  • Would you go further? Did you know they have a bulb type thing called a knot that helps them lock into you. Lots of women seem to love this

  • I heard about that but doesn’t that hurt?? I might try it , he tried turning over with that red tip wanting to but not just yet.

  • He could bea good 7 to 9 inches. The knot can hurt a bit but is soon replaced with pleasure. He will cum lots and you’ll feel it as his body temp is hotter than yours.
    I tell you, you will enjoy it.

  • Give me the details. I’m very interested now

  • You're not alone, sweetie. My wife has the same fetish. I help her satisfy it by taking her to adult bookstores with video arcades that I know are loaded with glory holes. She'll wear her little denim mini skirt (no panties) and we'll go into the store together and look around. If I see another guy checking her out, I'll slip him a note telling him to go into a booth, then have the wife get into the booth next to his. On one of these trips, she sucked off 15 different guys and swallowed every drop. When we returned home, I had her strip naked in our 3-car garage with the main garage door wide open...then proceeded to fuck her doggy-style in the third car stall. That garage door was closed, but the main one was still open. Any neighbor could have walked up the driveway and seen or heard what we were doing. Fucking awesome!

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