Too much porn?

Is there such a thing as too much porn? After several years of viewing porn on a daily basis, I have become completely bored with it all. Anal, vaginal, double penetrations, threesomes, gangbangs, bisexual, gapeing orifices, prolapsed rectums, pissing, shitting, and every other known genres of porn no longer do anything for me. I fear that I have overloaded and burned out the porn pleasure receptors in my brain and I feel like my life is now void of all meaning and purpose.

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  • I understand. That’s always when I go out looking. I get bored with what I’m seeing online, I need more. The next thing I know I’m wearing an old school uniform and getting fingered outside a 7-11.

  • I find when that happens I usually move to girls I know, but are off limits and not likely to really happen. For example a mates wife, next door neighbor, MIL SIL, my kids super fit teacher!

    I myself have a foot fetish, and from time to time if I'm very lucky I might get a secret picture of their feet, I love it if they get their toes out Jackpot!! If only they knew that them having their toes out on show, to me is like shes walking around showing me her pussy. Also what really gets me going is knowing I'm seeing a particular person, I'll make sure they was the last person I cum to!

    I love looking them in the eye talking them knowing I recently cum for them, sometimes only a matter of a few minutes. My wife had her friend over one afternoon, I decided to start getting ready for work and got showered, after I'm finished, I'm naked in the bedroom and bring up a picture of her friend on my phone and frantically jerk off to her face, or feet! all the while hearing her voice through the floor talking, after cumming and chucking on my clothes I'm downstairs sitting on the sofa 3ft away from her 3 mins later

  • I have a foot fetish also. Like you said, toes out is liking seeing pussy for me. A mom of one our kid's friends is hot and has gorgeous feet. She seemed to always have bare foot/toe pics on her social media. This weekend my wife and I were looking at one of the moms new foot pics on instagram while my wife was stroking my hard cock. Wife gets off on me looking at other women's feet.

  • Yes, you are ruined now.

    You might have to resort to having sex with another human being.

  • Yeah, I already have to do that with my wife. She's fat and butt ugly to a hemorrhoid. The only thing that enables me to fuck her is watching some hot porn before hand, but now the porn isn't doing it for me.

  • Could be that, or it could be that you're just getting old. Is it affecting your "real" sex life? That's the real concern.

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