Wearing my wife’s panties

I love to wear my wife’s thongs when she isn’t home. It gets me hard and super horny. I love to smell her dirty panties while I jerk off and use anal beads and butt plugs. Anyone else enjoy stuff like this? Or any women that find this hot?

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  • Not into the dirty thong panties angle, but wedging a butt plug in your ass has upped my cum load by 2X when it's time to blow a load in just regular fucking. You don't even feel it in there after awhile, and the korean woman i was with couldn't believe how much of the white stuff i cranked out. I couldn't either.

  • I just got home and as usual had a shower shaved all over and got dressed in my nice bright lemon pantie and bra set along with my suspenders black stockings, heels and lovely black plastic maids outfit it is just so very sexy, I am waiting for my wife to come home and make me up then brush and put on my wig I love having her do that because as I watch the transformation in the full length mirror I always obtain a roaring horn that lasts a long while it is great.
    I really hope you can obtain the same satisfaction.

  • Just come out in the open she must know then you can get your own.

  • Yeah I think it's pretty hot, but then again I'm a dominant female and I'm into submissive guys for the most part.

  • What do you do to the submissive guys? I’m very curious

  • Mistress would you like playing with my knob and nuts that hang out the back when I anken ?

  • I would really like you to watch me having an anken, cuddle me and play with my dick and balls that hang out the back while I move my leg up and down

  • As a woman, no it's not a turn on, in any way, shape or form.

  • That kind of behavior is actually fairly common, amongst the homosexual community. If you are pretending to be straight, I seriously doubt that you are fooling anyone but yourself.

  • I’m most certainly not gay. I get way too turned on by women, breasts, pussy and their ass. I love my wife and can’t get enough of her.

  • I cannot say, I have never seen your wife's panties.

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