Long drives, sweet orgasims

I used to have to make really long drives to an out of town job where I would leave early in the morning and return late at night, putting in a full day of work too. Needless to say, I'd be so sleepy on the drive back. I found the only way I could stay awake was to think about sex... on of my favorite things to think about. At first it started with just the thoughts and of course that always made me wet. Then occasionally I would slip my blouse down so anyone driving in a truck or bigger vehicle could see my bra. Then I'd get a little braver and pull my breasts out so they would spill over the top of my bra. I never would go completely topless because It would have been my luck that I would get pulled over and land my butt in jail!
I also started taking small items with me that I could slip inside my wet kitty while the car gave it's soft vibrations and I love cruise control because I could just focus on having a stronger orgasm. Sometimes that 4 hour drive back would give me so much stimulation and satisfaction. Just me, my objects, and my car.

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