18 - want to get dick sucked

So I really am looking for a quick way to get a discreet blowjob just to experience it without the hassle of dating and all of that. Many people on here suggested C raiglist but they shut down the personals section so I’m just stumped on what to do now :/

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  • If you figure out how to get NSA blowjobs on demand, share the secret with the rest of us.

  • Hang around outside a bar, like where drunk people smoke. Some drunk whore will suck it for you.

  • This is true! Have seen so many dicks sucked this way! And yes! Have sucked a few! Lol

  • Hire a prostitute.

  • If you still live at home with your mom, you should tell her your predicament and ask her if she has any advise. If she's a good mommy, she will drop to her knees, pull your pecker out of your drawers, and suck a load of jizz out of you. If your even luckier, she will spread her legs for you and let you enter her hot wet vag. After all, it's not like you've never been up there before. If she's not up for it, then you might have to leave the house for a few hours and go to some public place where women hang out. Find one that looks like she might be interested in you, then whip out your cock and ask her if she'll suck it for you. If not, then find a different woman and repeat same procedure. Eventually, odds are that you will find a woman that is willing to suck your cock, or you will wind up in jail for indecent exposure, in which case you will probably be the one sucking cock. The important thing is to never give up.

  • Well that was quite the experience reading this advice. Thanks.

  • Start practicing yoga and hopefully gain the flexibility to suck it yourself.

  • Let me know too, I don’t know what to do now!!

  • Try a dating app.

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