Blowjob swap

My bf had a couple of his friends, Rachel and Felix, over for dinner. I knew them pretty well, but not as well as he did. They were recently married and it was obvious they were still in that glowy phase of love. Cute, really.

Anyway, we were all drinking some wine and getting a little loose, when the subject turned to sex and blowjobs specifically. Felix said his wife gave the best head ever. My bf said I was pretty good too, which I think I am. My bf, who is pretty inappropriate at times, said maybe the girls could give us bj's and see who can get us off first. I slapped him on his arm and was like wtf are you talking about? He said it would be fun, and Felix looked at his wife Rachel and said he'd be up for it if she was. She rolled her eyes and looked at me for approval, and somewhat reluctantly I said that I'd be willing to try if she wanted to. The kicker is that the guys wanted us to swap, with me blowing Felix and Rachel blowing my bf. They said that way they would really know who gave better head.

We went for it, and it was actually neat seeing a new dick, and the way it got hard. We started sucking each other's guys and within a few minutes I heard my bf moan and say he was going to cum. Rachel then pulled off of him and showed me that she had a mouthful of my bf's cum. So she won, I guess, but I didn't leave her husband hanging, and kept at it until he finished too. He actually tasted pretty darn good.

The next morning, when I sobered up, I felt a little slutty about doing that.

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  • "Kicker??.. Kicker?? So you want a kicker ; to the moon Alice!! To the moon!!

  • This is loads of fun. At first its hard seeing your mans cock in anothers mouth but you seemed fine and even enjoyed felixs cock. Try being swingers

  • I did this with my friends husband it was so exciting

  • Hot. Wish my wife would do this with some of our friends.

  • Next, your men will be arguing over who has the best pussy, then you will be fucking both of them. Sounds like a great situation to me.

  • Good girls

  • And what’s wrong with sluts, I reckon they are the best

  • How did you feel about seeing your mans cock in another girls mouth?

  • Sounds like fun.

  • I say if it lasts longer it is better - you won.

  • Hot!

  • Fun blowjob game

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