Do I have a small cock?

For a long time I’ve thought I had a pretty big cock, multiple women have told me I’m huge including my wife so I uploaded some pics of it on those rating sites. Tonight this girl I met actually told me I’m not very big after we finished. What a cunt. I poked her but she just laughed, then I pulled out and left. I just measured it and I’m 5.1” is that big or just average? I need honesty please

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  • Yeah 5 is small .. i mean im 7.5 & ive had girls in the past tell me it was a descent size & that explained the multiple call backs lol ..

  • 9 inches of German American white snake here. When I was a teen I used a paper towel inner roll and shampoo to masterbate. I'm a male whore I lost count at 50 women I have enjoyed and We have enjoyed each other. The best thing I ever did was getting clipped at 34 so that I shoot blanks when I was single. My wife likes just straight sex. I can lick her during foreplay, no kissing after that. Nor she will do oral before or after sex. I have lover that is open to that. I have to cheat to enjoy sex

  • 5.1 would be great to my husbands 3.5

  • My cock is over 8 inches long and thick, I have been told that I'm to long, but have never had a complaint about the girth. A cock can be to long, but never to fat. I have had sex with a couple of virgin's, and never had a problem with fitting it in. It can be more painful if I try and get it all in. A 13 year old virgin easily accommodate my cock, but she had a problem with the taking the entire length. And petite woman can have a bigger pussy than a large woman, a woman's body size has nothing to do with the size of her pussy.

  • Length doesn't matter..... If it's as big around as a beer can.

  • 5.1 inches is really, really big!

    Oh, and you're a hamster, right?

  • So -- you heard that you've got a pretty big cock!

    I have news for you.

    It isn't pretty.
    It isn't big.
    And it's a dickie,
    not a cock.

  • If you do not want your ego bruised, stop cheating on your wife.

  • I allways like my men 5 to about 7 is a nice tool if its got abit of girth that’s perfect nice tool for fucking. Sucking and anal if you’re feeling it. Don’t want a cock i cant suck and left feeling sore when done keep that huge cock for huge whores they need them more

  • I wouldn’t have told you you’re small, I would have just let you fuck me and enjoyed it ;) But you are kinda small

  • Find someone with a 3 inch, fully erect pecker.

    Seduce his wife.

  • 5.1 inches is fairly small, unless you are asian. Good news is, they can now do sucessful penis transplant. Chop that little fucker off and get yourself a big black one sewed on. The constant cravings for fried chicken and watermelon might be rough, but well worth having a huge cock.

  • The girls who said you're huge were dating midgets.

  • 5.1 inches is a pathetic excuse for a cock. I would be embarrassed to pull that little thing out in front of a woman.

  • Yeah. I’m big maybe not as big as I’d like but still

  • Your a bit of a prick he is perfectly OK

  • I think you have

  • Wait . . . .you're married? I'd just listen to your wife. :)

  • Yes but it made me wonder

  • My fanny doesn't accept one less that 7 inches.

  • You must not be getting many Darling

  • Oh I get plenty thank you.

  • Come on now your just boasting there are not that many guys around and available with cocks of 7 inches or more, how many guys have you fucked and over what sort of a period ?

  • I go on fab and search men with big dicks. I've slept with well over 40 men in 3 years

  • Bet you have the jack, your a real slut aren't you ?

  • Small side of average

  • Just average, depending on which study you look up.
    North American average is 5.1" in length. Top of the list are both Sudan and the Congo at 7.1 with South Korea at the bottom, 3.7". North Korea is leading the pack though with one reported 12" penis, at least that is what his advisors told the study.
    But hey, I am also happy to report that mine is just over 7" erect, I showed my wife this post and she told me we had to measure mine. She went and got her sewing cloth tape and started sucking until I was erect, she reported 7 1/4" and 4 5/8" around or girth. According to the study done by British Journal of Urology and their chart I am sporting a nice package, above average length and average girth. The study also mentions though that women truly do not care about dick size, they care about a mans personality and looks. I guess North Korea might be screwed in that category but I am sure his advisors will get him laid no matter what happens.
    Oh and thanks for asking this question because after the measurements were done she climbed on top of me and gave herself a great orgasm then sucked on me until I came. I would have reported the quantity of semen but she was greedy and swallowed all of it. :O

  • You are small bud!

  • Well it is on the smallish side of average, you need to know how to use it I suggest you ensure there is a lot of foreplay prior to penetration also don't underestimate anal sex it would be pretty good in most girls bums, my boyfriend is 6 1/4 plus thick probably the perfect cock xxx

  • What is considered small, average and big?

  • Google it

  • I did, I went down on her and made her squirt 3 times. When we started having sex she didn’t seem as excited but I thought maybe I made her cum too much and that was why. To be fair we had been drinking

  • No you didn’t

  • You’re average. It’s fine enough.

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