I want to be raped

I want to be raped I want someone to break into my house in the middle of the night and use my body how they please man or couple gang bang I don't care I just I want to be forced

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  • I also share your passion for being forced and luckily have a willing hubby who loves to do it. I told him a few months after we were married about my fantasies and we role play all the time and I also told him that he can do whatever he wants to me at anytime. This has led to many sexual adventures for me beyond what I thought he would ever do. Good luck to you but find a safe partner and give him the freedom to do anything, you will not regret it.

  • I can relate

  • Go and join Isis and all your wishes in this regard will be granted

  • You have a fetish that is more common than most are aware of. Go to Reddit, and look up the numerous subreddits on the subject of rape.

  • The preceding further underscores not only the ignorance of the female gender in general, but the clear incomprehension they possess regarding the English language in general. Mind you, these claims have been expressed by many, many women with the obvious, indicative contradiction in terms. It boggles the mind how one could hope to garner any integrity, respect and/or credibility spewing such a butchered use of words.

  • Indeed. Her photograph sits comfortably next to the word CLUELESS in the dictionary.

  • My experiences have been that guys don't really break in and force you, most guys try to get me drunk, or pass out at a party.

  • I was forced at six so we all have different experiences

  • Precisely, which over the years has for the most part, eradicated the use of the silly 'r' word toward the commission of any criminal act. No one 'gets' anyone else drunk due to us all imbibing independently. Thus, if one passes out & then engages in mating, they & only they are responsible for their participation. Your witness, counselor.

  • Post your email address and set it up to happen.

  • You could always go downtown to a really busy club around midnight when everyone is good and ready to have sex. Walk into the men's bathroom with your panties off and your skirt around your upper waist, I would bet there will be plenty of guys willing to make you a stall whore.

  • Belay that, soldier. Your cackling is childish & boring.

  • Who is cackling?

  • You don’t even have to go inside! Just wait in the car park!

  • In real life rape is horrible.

    You just have a rape fantasy, find a fun partner and act it out (safely).

  • Another expert. Can it fool.

  • It sounds wonderful, until it’s really happening. When you’re crying and men are punching you telling you to shut up, it won’t feel fun.

  • Yeah yeah, let us know when it actually happens

  • Lmao thank you dumb whores don’t know what they want

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