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What should I do if I can't get enough of my sister? She's 4 years older, light brown hair, brown eyes, fit, 32 D tits, and a perfect ass. I really want to fuck her. What should I do?

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  • Well let me ask you, how old is she?


  • I won't judge. Everybody has their kinks

  • Again its what to do, when I come out of the shower or bath my son is always there looking at my body, upstairs in our house nudity is not a problem,
    I never have hid my nakedness from him, but he is going out of his was to see me naked he is blatantly looking at my tit and between my legs I avoid bending over with his back to him, I can see the bulge in his pants, he has a hard on for his mother I feel flattered, that he is eyeing my body as well and I get a bit excited, one morning he came in with his mobile and asked could he take my photo or video me, I refused obviously, he is at the age where he is sexually aware, what should I do or not do.

  • Let him take some photos of you but, but never on his phone he could show it to his friends or put it out on social media use a camera and hide the SD after you have viewed them with him, if you let him take photos it will lead to other things, I let my son take some of me it started just as nudes which made me excited he suggested he take some of a more adult nature I agreed because I was enjoying my self, what he took was porn of me my legs open showing everything, he was bulging out of his pants I saw a wet patch develop he had creamed himself, what made me do it was a friend showed me pictures of her dad naked obviously I looked I was embarrassed because he had an erection,

  • Another 'what should I do' post.

    Times past, I would say, 'if I had a dollar for every "what should I do' post," I'd be a wealthy man. So here's what I'm going to say.

    Send me a dollar.

  • Get her drunk drunk then fuck her

  • You can stop being a little perv anytime now

  • If she's not into incest and doesn't share your desire for hot sibling sex, you probably will have to pull a Bill Cosby on her. Slip a couple of roofies in her drink and after she looses consciousness you can fuck the living shit out of her, front and rear both, if you desire. Just be sure to clean her up after you finish, that DNA can land you in the state pen for a few years.

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