Pedophile neighbor

I believe my neighbor is a pedophile, he saw me walking down the street one day wearing a cute pair of heels and it was obvious that he was sexually staring me down, i liked it I will admit it but today I went for the mail again this time in my sneakers and he stopped me and said (mmm hey my wife left behind a box of high heels you should come in to try them on you can keep the ones that look best on you, your 16 aren't you ? ) I nicely denied his offer and countied to walk home, I found it low key funny, I'm actually 18 I just look like a 16 year old still, should I play around with him Maybe tease him a bit ?

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  • As for me I'd tease the hell out of him.

  • Well, if you will go out just wearing a pair of cute heels, and nothing else, what do you expect !

  • Peds target little kids, not 18 years old tease machines like you, dear

  • Well, it's pretty fucking obvious you don't know what a pedophile is !

  • You should flirt with him and tell him that you have a 10 year old friend that would like to fuck him. Arrange for him to meet her at a dark, secluded location. Then, when he shows up with a bag of candy and a rageing hard-on, you can have a couple of guys with baseball bats beat the unholy fuck out of the sick bastard, then chop his wang off and shove it up his ass.

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