Sniffing panties

I have been sniffing panties since I was like five, I had one older sister and my mother of course. I would pull them out of the hamper right after one of them left them in there if I was lucky. This habit continued right into my teen years and I had been really good at keeping it a secret so I had thought anyways.
My mother came home one time and like usual she got undressed and put on comfortable clothes as she called them. I waited and then after some conversation about my day she was busy starting dinner and watching television I walked back upstairs like I was going to my room.
I opened up the hamper and went thru the clothes she was wearing but no panties, I turned around to leave and there she was standing in the doorway of her room. She looked at me and told me she could not wait to hear the reason I was going thru her clothes in the hamper. I was totally honest with her and told her that I liked sniffing her underwear. She put her hand over her mouth and was looking at me wide eyed, she then lowered her hand and asked me how long I have been doing this. When I told her she went back to her hand over her mouth and a shocked look on her face. She turned around and walked back to the kitchen and I thought for sure I was going to get worse later but nothing was talked about as we watched tv until bed time. She told us it was time for bed and she did the usual good nights and went to bed herself.
The next day I thought it would be to ballsy to try and get her panties again so I gave it a few weeks of not doing it at all. She came home did her usual routine and checked on me in my room. I waited until I heard her downstairs watching tv and slipped into her room, when I lifted the door to the hamper I could not believe what I found. Her panties were right on top of her clothes, easy to find, she never did that, most of the time they were tangled up in her nylons or pants. I stared at them for a second then grabbed them and headed back to my room. I gave them a few good sniffs then put them back where she had left them because I figured she put them like that on purpose to check on later and I still had my sisters for later on that night.

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