Got a friend to fuck my wife.

For the past 3 years of marriage I never had any thought of watching my wife getting fucked by another man. But I have to be honest that I've gone to sites on the internet and read stories about the cuckold lifestyle. Anyway a year ago I went to the health spa and met this guy and we became friends.
We talked a lot about what we looked at on the internet and of course it was sex sites. I told him that I really liked the cuckold story sites and I guess he got the wrong idea because he thought that I wanted to become a cuckold and he started talking about fucking my wife. Every time we saw each other at the spa he would come over and ask me when I was going to invite him over to my house so he could seduce my wife, and I have to admit that the whole idea was starting to turn me on. One day I went into the bathroom and he followed me in, and when he saw that we were the only ones there he pulled his cock out and said "Don't you want to watch your wife enjoying this".... His cock was huge, it was at least nine inches and wasn't even hard.
I felt faint my heart was beating out of control and I told him "YES"
So he followed me home and he met my wife, he was a real smooth talker. With a little help form me it only took him a month to seduce her. I really got turned on watching him fuck her, but what really surprised me was that she wasn't on birth control and yet she eagerly let him fuck her bareback and cum inside her. As you can guess after this went on for a few months she ended up pregnant. Like I said I didn't plan on this but I guess It is all my fault.


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  • Fuck, I wish I could introduce this guy to my wife!

  • I want to help a stud fuck my virgin fiancée. I want her virgin cunt to squeeze his dick! The humiliation of permanently being denied her first is so hot to me!

  • This is powerful and amazing and beautiful! Your buddy knew EXACTLY what to do! And you knew exactly what he was GOING to do! You knew because he asked you every time you met! He KNEW it was turning you on. And he knew when you were READY. And you sure were! So he seduced YOU first! What did he do? He showed you that enormous dick!

    He KNEW that that image and those words were burned indelibly into your mind! ‘Don’t you want to watch your wife enjoying this…’


    One word! One look, one question and it was over. Your heart pounded and your head swum.

    She barebacked him eagerly!

    This happened for a reason. This is what is SUPPOSED to happen. THAT’S why it all came off without a hitch. Was the baby a boy or girl? I’m hoping for a boy who as a toddler is bigger than ‘daddy.’

  • I would feel exactly like this, if a stud talked to me about taking my fiancée’s virginity.

  • It would make me feel so weak and submissive, knowing that another man wanted to take her virginity.

    If I ever saw his dick, I would get off on imaging her virgin cunt squeezing it.

  • Awesome story...letting some stud who you barely know breed your wife.

  • Sounds hot.I convinced my wife to screw her ex again as she claimed he was around nine inches long.Well it became a regular occurrence because she just couldn't get enough of his big cock and I just loved watching her take it.Anyway they fucked a hell of alot more behind my back other than the couple of Friday nights a month and too much fucking him got her pregnant.

  • Very nice! What was the kid -- boy or girl? And are you raising the kid as your own?

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