I must be really horny lately when I go to bed....

My dream was so hot and taboo last night....

I was hanging out with my husband, dad, mom, and sisters and it must have been late I was laying on the couch falling asleep when i feel a mouth on my pussy I thought it was my husband but then I looked down and it was my dad. I started moaning and bucking my hips to feel his tongue get deeper. I told him I need more and so he climbed on top of me and slid his hard black cock into my pussy and instantly squirted. I was enjoying it so much that I begged him to cum inside me which then made him fuck me harder until I felt my dad's warm cum coat my pussy. I don't know if anyone heard us but I didn't care I wanted more.

I woke so wet and horny I masturbated. Earlier today I masturbated three more times thinking back to that dream I had and scrolled through Tumblr while masturbating.


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  • Taboo topics always get me really turned on. Glad you had the guts to explore that deep into your sexuality. Too many people act disgusted by it but it’s just the way our brains work. Way to go girl.

  • Go for it. Love that you had orgasm

  • Make it happen for real

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