My Uber driver fucked me

I recently had a girls night out with a few friends. I planned ahead and took Uber knowing that I would most likely not be ok to drive. After the night was over, I was pretty wasted. I called Uber and my driver was super friendly and talkative, asking about my night. He kept commenting how good I looked in my dress and was obviously flirting. I admit I definitely flirted back. I remember he made several comments about my boobs and I flashed them for him. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that but he pulled over in a parking lot and joined me in the back seat. I do remember feeling his cock through his pants and I remember taking my dress off. He then fucked me in the backseat from behind for I think a few minutes and came on my back. He was nice enough to clean that off and took me home. I felt bad afterwards because I did notice he was wearing a wedding ring, and I am in a relationship as well. Not proud of it but I can’t take it back now.

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  • Sounds like a nice ride. I had almost similar Uber ride. Went out for drinks. Called an uber. A heavy set Black man showed up. Nice man talked to me the whole drive. Drove me to my apartment. Walked me into the building to my door. I invited him in my apartment. I was feeling horny. Unzipped his pants started sucking his dick then sat him on my sofa pulled up my dress and pulled down my thong and rode his dick which was kinda hot towards the end when he was grunting and trying so hard to hold his load I could tell. Just told him to cum in me. He came inside me and left shortly after.

  • You have to watch your drinking--that's not good. Once my wife came home from a girl's night out and I noticed she had her panties in her purse. She was totally drunk. I asked her if she cheated, and she said no, which I think she actually believed. But it was obvious that she got fucked.

  • My wife went down on me in the backseat during and uber ride, that was hot.

  • The woman I slept with knew I was married and liked it even more knowing I was.

  • I had sex with my husbands cousin, we all went out, my husband and I was wasted and his cousin drove us home, brought us inside and all I remember was his cousin eating me out, and I just let go and fucked him.

  • You do not need to worry about HIM having a ring, he took advantage of you when you were wasted.

    It is on you if you are in a relationship, though.

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