The power of the pussy

My girlfriend told me her friend who I’m not a fan of has had sex with 18 different men in 30 days.
Her friend doesn’t have much going for her really, no job, no money, moans a lot about everything, is very jealous of other people having something she hasn’t got but somehow manages to have a better lifestyle then most.
Whenever you quiz her about things she somehow talks her way out of it.
I can’t tolerate her, I think she’s full of shit and she knows it.
She joined a website costing £35 month, I can only imagine the men she went with are only interested in one thing “pussy”
The site she was on is for wealthy men, my girlfriend told me out of all the men she had sex with only one she really liked but he was not interested in a relationship.
That one man was a 70 year old with a Ferrari and a very big house.
The power of the pussy!

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