Girl on Holiday

So i was on holidays over the last 2 weeks. I went to Hawaii with 4 other members of my family. We were lucky that our rooms overlooked the pool area of the hotel. I enjoyed watching the girls swimming and playing.
Anyway, on day 8, i spotted a girl that i can only describe as the most stunning girl i have ever seen. She had a striped bikini on and super tight body. Her breasts were at most an A cup, but still beautiful. She looked tallish from my room balcony. I started sneaking some photos of her, making it look like i was testing and playing with my camera.
Not really planning it, as i saw her pick up her towel to leave the pool i excused myself from my room, saying i was going downstairs to get a drink. I got in the lift and went to the lobby. When the doors opened, i stayed put as i saw her and she was getting into the lift with me. I said hi and she replied. I don't why why i did it, but i just asked her as soon as the door was closed and we were alone. I told her she was beautiful and i would give her $200 to give me her bikini. She was shocked, so i lied and said i wanted it for my daughter. I pushed it and told her i would give her $400 if i could watch her take it off. She told me her mother was waiting in their room. I suggested she could get her clothes and meet me at the gym change rooms.
I didn't really think she would come, but about 15 minutes later she arrived and said she would do it. We met in the steam room and i gave her the cash. She took of her bikini and passed it to me. It was still nice and warm and wet. I stared at her body and her pussy. I went for it. I told her i would give her another $400 to let me feel myself against her, rub against her pussy. She said she really didn't think it was a good idea and that she was already going to get in trouble for losing her swimmers. I told her that i would just rub and if she let me put it in a couple of times that would be enough. I asked her if she was worried about getting pregnant and she said yes. I asked when her period was and she told me just over 2 weeks ago. I explained to her that she would be safe as she was past the fertile part of her cycle and older men can't get younger girls pregnant.
She slowly came around and allowed me to gently sit her over my lap. I held my cock and rubbed against her for some time, maybe 10 minutes. I told her i would try putting it in only a couple times and see how it feels. I took some number of goes to get my head in and i managed to break her hymen almost right away. She got worried, but i told her the bad part was over and the rest was ok.
Holding her i slowly worked myself into her pussy. Once i was pushing my head against her uterus i pulled her on me tight and just held her. I kept saying how amazing she felt and she said not to fuck her, only put it in and out a few times. This was enough for me, knowing she hadn't worked out we were fucking already, and that she was at her most fertile time, i pulled her hard onto my lap, forcing my cock balls deep into her tiny pussy, pushing my head really hard into her uterus and cervix and unloaded. I pumped 4 huge loads and a handful of smaller spurts into her fertile body.
I thanked her and she got dressed and i paid her and we went our own ways. The next 3 days i found ways to get away from my wife and met her each time. I fucked her once each time and paid her. On my 12th day of holidays i saw her parents leave the hotel, but she wasn't with them. I went to her room and found she had told them she wasn't well and had stomach cramps. I managed to get her to let me in. I fucked her on her parents bed. She told me they were leaving the next morning so i asked her her age as i hadn't already asked. She told me she turned 13 a week before we met.
Knowing i had spent the last 5 days trying to knock up a barely 13 year old girl was such a turn on that i told her i wanted to fuck her one time before she left. She said only since you said older men like you can't get girls like me pregnant. I didn't wait as i fucked her twice on her parents bed. I made sure to pump my loads as deep in her belly as i could. I must have dumped 7 or 8 good spurts against her uterus.
I explained to her that because she is so young that having sex can cause side effects for a while. I told her about possibly getting sick in the mornings for a few weeks. Missing her period might happen for 3 or 4 months till they return and that her belly might swell a small amount for 3 to 4 months while her body adjusts to being a woman, but it will go away after that. She seemed to believe everything i told her and agreed to not tell anyone so we both don't get in trouble. I couldn't believe this girl was so foolish as to accept it and move on.
I may never know for sure, but i really hope she doesn't say anything to anyone or her parents till after the 3 or 4 months, because by then she will actually be starting to show if i have successfully impregnated her.

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