Mums boyfriend dick

I’m 16 and seen my Mum’s boyfriend dick twice, it is very big.

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  • Certainly it is. ALL men's penises appear large at your age. More importantly, is whether or not the man's penis was circumcised. You, in a short time will learn to join the vast majority of women who prefer not only the hygienic superiority of circumcised penis, but its clearly cosmetic supremacy i.e. eye appeal. That being opposed to the rancid, ugly and sad appearance of a uncircumcised man's genitalia. Additionally, you will learn if you haven't already, how much more rewarding it is to have a man's clean, circumcised penis in your mouth without concern of how much bacteria you may ingest from the unretracted, unappealing foreskin. Join us women who fully support circumcising the penis.

  • Ah yes, support of infant genital mutilation. Charming. Only Yanks and religious nutjobs would think that's normal.

  • Just how big is his dick?

  • Seeing as you have commented about your mums boyfriends dick how do you feel about it would you like to look after it for him, would you like to play with it or do other things?

  • What’s the next step?

  • Lucky mum

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