When I was a kid me and my friend had sex

When I was at least twelve or thirteen about a month before turning thirteen. Me and my friend Sean who had known each other since kindergarten and we're the best of friends. He was gay, but I wasn't I had a few girlfriend's never liked guys. But one day while we were having a sleep over at my house he said he wanted to sleep in my bed at first I said no, but then realised it'd be weird him sleeping in my parents bedroom and my dad has OCD so not a good idea. My parents were gone for the weekend. So I thought "hey why not bring Sean over" which my parents and his agreed to. So after I told him he could sleep in my bed he got a smile on his face. He had net black hair and green eyes. Me and him did everything together in school. Football, basketball, and some soccer, never cared for the sport.

He was fit like me he looked like he was 118lb, but I'm not a good weight guessing person. He told me to let him change real quick I thought he'd be wearing pajamas or like a t-shirt with shorts. He walked in with his underwear on. I turned my head looking away because I wasn't attracted to boys really Sean was the only gay guy I thought as a friend. He told me it's okay to look, but I didn't I laid in bed and took my phone out,we had been playing games and football in my yard all day so I was tired. While on my phone I saw from the corner of my right eye, him looking at me.

"What?" I asked him nervously and a bit confused "nothing well do you wanna watch porn?" I looked at him and thought he'd might wanna watch guys tucking so I said no, but he kept begging me so I said yes. He snatches the phone from me and types in gay porn "dude I don't wanna see guys tucking before bed", I said to him "come on just try it", he said making a sad face at me "fiiiiiiine" I said annoyed. He puts on a video of a guy giving another guy a hand job. It was gross, but I felt blood rushing to my cock I thought that's weird.

Soon my dick was extremely hard so I said for him to move so i could use the bathroom, I got up and walked out when I entered the bathroom I took my cock out and it was hard as a rock I thought why was it happening? I'm not gay so why am I turned on? I go back into my room and right when I walk in he looks at me and says "it's okay I got one too" he said pointing at my crotch. I didn't think it was noticeable, he got up and i could see his hard on through his undies.

He walked over and put his hand on my cock I felt like punching him in the face I pushed hand away from me and said "back up" he leaned in and kissed me I was so angry then I felt how warm his lips were and how much emotion he put in his kiss. Instead of backing away I start going with him and put my right hand behind his head and stroke his hair while he slowly puts his hand on my ass. I threw my face back and said "I shouldn't of done that" he looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes and said "please Brandon give it a chance, give me a chance I know you loved the kiss you and I sucked face" I looked at him in the darkness of my room and said "fine" he walked over and put his hand down my pants.

He pulled my cock out and I pulled my shirt off of me and my pants were pulled down by Sean. He told me to turn the lights on so I did and when I did I was amazed. I never saw his body only parts of his legs from the knees down. His white bodyweight an ounce of fat on it his three pack was gorgeous and his trimmed hair on his penis was short. We began to kiss and he kept squeezing my ass then I suggested if he liked my ass why not have sex? A cute smile ran across his face while he bent me over. Now the sensation I felt before and after his six inch cock entered my ass was amazing he slowly put his tip in then rammed the rest in. I moaned in pleasure as he pulled it in and out slow to fast slow to fast. He took one hand and jerked me off while ramming me. He pulled his cock out and asked if I could do the same to him. I agreed and put my dick into his ass and it felt so good.

Afterlife like three minutes of anal sex he started sucking my cock then I sucked his. Then we went to bed both on our side looking into each other's eyes naked. I thought "what did I just do?", but then I felt some heat in my chest a warmth I never felt before until now while looking into his green eyes I drifted to sleep. When i woke up he wasn't in the bed I walked downstairs and saw him watching t.v. in his underwear we said morning and then kissed. I told him I loved him only to hear him say "I love you too", but i had a girlfriend so I'd have to break things off with her, but I didn't care she only liked me because I was handsome and popular.

I broke up with her and secretly started dating Sean and ever since we've been together. It's been amazing, but sometimes i wonder if what we did was wrong, but I'll leave that question for another time.

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  • My cousin popped my anal cherry. About that same age. He went really slow is the only reason I could do it. I tried to stop several times but he was persistent. I can only remember it hurting like helll. God it burned. For hours.
    Then it kind of became regular. He just treated me like his fucktoy. Blowjobs before school, anal after. His cock was massive. Double my size.
    Then He got a girlfriend. I got jealous.
    I can still remember my first taste of pussy was from his cock. And I loved it. His pubes were still wet from her pussy and I just lapped it up while jacking him. Trying to make him hard again. Made me so horny I started jacking myself and came in seconds.
    That’s when I knew I was straight. I was ok with sex with him. We were best friends and always horny. But PUSSY was what I needed.
    He broke up with his girlfriend and I immediately went after her. Took 2months to finally get in her pants and she was just disappointed. She didn’t hold back either. Told me how much bigger my cousin is. She thought I’d be more like him. Talked about how it felt like he was still moving inside her hours after they’d fucked.
    I didn’t tell her, but I knew that feeling exactly.
    Anyway, I married a gal who had been hurt by a dude with a big dick. (I know that feeling too) She loves my size. Says it’s perfect.

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