I’m the dog

So all my other friends are the man of the relationships. Well I’ve gone and got myself a dominatrix as a girlfriend. She is cruel and makes life very difficult, but i can somehow see myself falling in love with her. Obviously she’s the the one who wears the pants (and the strap-ons), so you’d think I’m the woman and she’s the man o the relationship. Well I do take it like a woman, but I’m actually the dog. I’m always on a leash, usually gagged, I’m on all 4s and she drags me round the house tugging hard. I cook her dinner, and then her leftovers, spit and actual tins of dog food are put into a dog bowl which I have to eat from. While I’m eating like a dog she would plant her foot on my head, so I have to keep eating until the whole thing is empty (like dogs do). This is unhealthy and humiliating, but I love the attention and the feeling of being completely dominated. Being a dog can be nice with the right ‘owner’

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