Fucked up fantasy in fucked up relationship

No beatin around the bush here: after we both had some very bad relationships, my sister and i started to hook up. she's 35, i'm 40, and we realy liked it so we've kept it up for a couple of years.
we have to be very cautious obviously, we can't hve unprotected sex... but man, i fantasize really hard about it. the thought of getting her pregnant realy gets me going. it's already fucked up enough that i fuck my sister and enjoy it, but impregnating her is on a whole other level...

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  • Yaw this fool has obviously been asleep and needs a education. Put the lame ass sister on the pill or just drill her bareback anyhow. The entire retard factor was all brainworshing & propaganda & went by the wayside when intelligence was updated.

  • Great you will have a retard kid if you preggo your own sister

  • Clearly, due to your language & lack of composition skills, the only retard kid here is you fool. I doubt you could write one sentence correctly to save your own life. Despicable.

  • I'd love to see that, a sibling baby! So hot

  • I’d love to fuck my sister. She’s very pretty with a great figure and she’s had a historectomy so I know I couldn’t get her pregnant. I wish I knew if she felt the same

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