Sex today

I know he has a girlfriend and a kid. Neither one of us are interested in anything other than sex. He was the one that initiated things. I asked him about his girlfriend. I don’t know if he is staying with her because he genuinely loves her or if it’s due to having a kid with her (or even both). It was a random conversation with him this past December, when I said that it had been awhile since I’d had sex. Well, I said that sometimes I had an itch that needed to be scratched and he said that he could scratch my itch, if I ever wanted him to do so. It caught me off guard. Then at the end of January, he had helped me change the battery in my car. That day I ended up getting on my knees, between his legs, and giving him a blow job. He would e had sex with me if it hadn’t been for having my period (I know TMI). I had removed my shirt and bra so he could fondle my large breasts and tiny, yet super sensitive nipples. I’m not that good at blowjobs, but he liked it, coming in my mouth. I guess he really doesn’t get blowjobs that much at home. He got off on watching me masturbate with one of my toys and using it on me. Eventually, he did ask if we could have sex. I said yes, handing him a condom. That first time together. I rode him some, before moving to other positions. We’ve continued to have sex. I do enjoy the physical contact. I mean, it’s not like it takes much for me to get wet. Pretty much, suck my nipples and finger me. He came by today after I got home. There wasn’t a lot of time, so I went down him, sucking him dry, taking all of him in my mouth, deepthroating as much possible,and like in the past, swallowed it all when he came. He knew I was going to have some wine with supper. Hecalled me later asking if I wanted to fool around some more. I should’ve told him no, but I said yes. I mean a little more relaxed. Wine makes me horny as crap. He got her, I began stroking him, then taking him in my mouth...all the way. He began fondling my breasts and nipples again. I was so very horny. I gave him, the condom and took him to my bed, giving him s condom. I climbed on top of him, guiding him inside of me. I got on my back, spreading my legs for him. He fingered me, then slid his dick between the lips of my pussy. When he began to enter me, it felt so good to not have to be in charge. We had sex like there for a bit, I got on my back, spreading my legs. He worked from my breasts and nipples to my moistened and extremely wet pussy. He fingered me and sid something amazing to my pussy with mouth. He f***** me missionary style, me moaning in ecstasy. I got on all fours, telling him that I had been a very, very bad girl, that someone needed to each me a lesson. He entered me from the back. His hands on my hips, me moving back and forth, to take all of him inside of me, spanking me. I tightened around him, and he came inside of me (he had on a condom of course). I know I shouldn’t have sex with he him, but I did and it feels good. Besides, he’s leaving for another job at the end of this month.

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  • I am 23 F and for the past five months I have been having just sex with our neighbor's son who's 15 and right from the very first time he's owned me, yes owned me and I can't refuse him. I did make him put on a rubber but half way thru he pulled it off and came inside of me deep, three weeks later no period and he continued to fuck me bare back up to four times a day seven days a week
    I am petite and weigh 96 lbs I stand 5' even he's 6'2" weighs a good 180 and he handles me like I weigh nothing and fills me with his 11" thick cock. That's why I can't say no to him. When he's thru with me he does give me plenty of kisses and I him but it only makes me horney for him all over again and again he has his way with me up to five times in one session.

  • I think you're getting attached. It's just sex for him remember.

  • I’d like to use you as my slut

  • Keep doing it. It’s just sex. Just dont get attached yourself.

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