I want my wife to be a slut

I have a fantasy that wont go away about watching my wife flirt and act slutty in a bar with strangers while i watch. Does anybody else feel like this ?

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  • It's ok, but be prepared for consequences.

  • Encourage her to buy & wear sexy lingerie. Take her to buy sexy lingerie. Make her feel like she is the sexiest woman alive. Make suggestions on how you would love to show her off.
    Never ever ever show any signs of jealousy. Ask her to look at sexy guys with you and ask her which one she would have sex with if she were single. Role play it and ask her if there’s s guy she’s always wanted to have sex with.

  • Yes. I love watching my wife pleasuring other men and having them cum inside her. Watching her enjoying big black cock is my personal favorite. And she likes black cock the most too.

  • Yes I would love for my wife to go out and flirt with other guys!
    I would really love for her to bring a guy home and fuck him and let me watch

  • My problem is that my does act like that. It used to get me very horny now I'm worried that she will get so drunk she may not even come home with me. Like a few times in the past

  • My wife and I do this all the time as foreplay. She's a long-legged brunette with a great asset (not a lot topside) who KNOWS she makes men hard when she's out and about in her mini skirts and cut-off shorts.

    We'll go to an out-of-town bar where nobody knows us. Wife has on this denim mini skirt where her legs go on for miles. I drop her off at the front door and go shopping at a nearby mall while she gets settled in the bar.

    By the time I show up, wife is usually talking to some guy at the bar... drinking like a fish and laughing and touching the guy. A couple of times I actually watched her make out with a guy while he groped her thigh.

    But she always cuts things short after I've watched for 30 minutes or so.

    Then we head home where I fuck her brains out.

  • My wife told me years ago that in her teens her moms boyfriend did stuff to her and now recently,mostly when she's drunk/high she confesses to have a rape fantasy and would like us to act it out.Where do I even start?

  • Dont ask, just do. Fuck her everywhere you want. Cum on her face. Make her suck you off, push your dick deep in her mouth.
    Start by tieing her to the bed. Do

  • Yeah my wife is slut material. What exactly do you want to happen?

  • My wife is cum slut got pics if u want see cum all over 🔥 pussy let me know

  • Let’s see

  • I wanna see

  • I love it, When we were younger I loved watching my wife flirting and exposing herself to strangers. And on a good night bringing one or more of them home with us for hot sex. Or maybe her just blow them in the parking lot while I watched.

  • I bet you wanna see her fucking some young fat cock as she blows you and cums on that young cock and listen to her moan

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