Smelling My Mother's Dirty Panties

ÚI was eight years old when I smelled my mother's dirty panties for the first time. I remember at this age, I was at the peak of my preadolescent age of exploration and pleasure. Everyday I would play with myself and explore ways to do it that excited me and made me hornier. One of these would be stuffing my underwear with clothes or blankets and shaking it on my penis until I orgasmed. Sometimes I would take my underwear off instead, and again stuff the pair with blankets or clothes and hump it, rubbing my penis on the crotch. I loved the bulging crotch of a pair of underwear. I loved making my pee-pee feel good. I loved the throbbing tingle of pleasure; the thoughts of nastiness and naughtiness excited me. And one day, I became introduced with the warm and exciting smell of my mother's dirty panties.
I came home from school one day with an erection; the bulge and tingle in my underwear fought to get free.
Tearing my clothes off my body as fast as I could, I made my way towards my room. I had to pass my mother's door to get to mine and that day, I made the random decision to walk into her room. Looking around for things to get into, I saw on her bed a pair of underwear. The tingle, combined with the nasty thoughts and intentions, drove me to pick them up and hold them. I had never seen or touched a woman's underwear before, and I examined them closely.
They were made of white cotton with many little colorful flowers spread in random order on the crotch, face, and back. They were colorful and inviting, and the design was playful. Looking at them for a minute, nasty thoughts started to form in my mind, and I decided I wanted to play with them. The forbidden thought of playing with my mother's underwear excited me beyond anything this far.
So I took them into my room and removed the blankets from my bed. I stuffed the pair with them, simulating the shape of them being worn. I loved the look of my mother's underwear stuffed with my blankets and I stared at the crotch for a moment as I removed my underwear. I noticed a light yellow stain on the crotch.
As I moved closer to look, I became aware of a warm and musky odor. I put my nose on the crotch and took in, for the first time, the amazing and incredible smell of my mother. So many different odors came together as one indescribable smell. Sweat, urine, vaginal liquid, and unwashed ass hit the back of my throat and tickled my nose. I picked up underlying tones of soap, laundry detergent, and perfume that complemented the overall smell. I kept smelling without coming up for air, locked into a state of delusion as I became aware and overwhelmed. The butterflies came and my breathing strained as my stomach fluttered. The overcoming tingle consumed my penis like never before. I had never been this horny before in my life. It felt like I was on the very edge of orgasm even though I had not touched myself yet. The thoughts of nastiness and awareness intoxicated me.
I sat on the floor as primal instincts took over and I held the bulge of underwear close to me. As I took in the last smell before I lost control, I shook my mother's underwear on my penis for an instant as I orgasmed harder than I ever have. The smell filled my mind with nasty thoughts as waves of tingly pleasure consumed my penis. I just remember how good it made my pee-pee feel as it jumped and throbbed with pleasure. I didn't want it to stop. I wanted my pee-pee to feel like this forever. Nothing will ever feel this good again. My body stuttered and contorted as I fought to keep from shouting out loud with pleasure.
I finally found release as waves of depression and regret brought me to tears.

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