My relationship with my son

I came to confess that my son and i have been in a romantic and sexual relationship for six years now. i'm not seeking validation or anything, we're well aware of the taboo and as such we've kept our relationship secret. but we're happy and fulfilled.
he was the one who actually started it. it may have to do with the fact that we never had a typical mom-son relationship to begin with. i was pretty young when he was born, only 16. i had gotten involved with a guy twice my age who i'd lost my virginity to and got fixated with, then he got me pregnant. for several reasons i decided it was best if he was out of the picture, so i cut him off and never saw him again. when my son was born i devoted myself to provide for him by working two jobs everyday, so it was my mom who raised him. for him i became less a mother, and more that lady friend who took him to the park on weekends. by the time my mom was gone and he was older, our relationship was an evolution of that. we were kind of best friends to each other, and fortunately he had a foundation to become a responsible, independent young man from a very early age. still, it was mostly the two of us. i never finished school and only dedicated myself to climb up the ranks at work, so i never dated much less get married.
as he hit puberty, i realized he might have been attracted to me. he never said anything and i never found the courage to confront him about the semen in my dirty panties, which couldn't have come from anywhere else. but things blew up one day when he was 15: i had the brilliant idea of takign the both of us on vacation to the beach. as i was sunbathing by the pool, i noticed him jerking off by the window of his room, watching me. i snapped and confronted him. he countered by breaking down and crying. he confessed he loved me, in a romantic and sexual way, and didn't know what to do about it because he knew it was wrong. he asked if we could try being together, to which i immediately said no. i embraced him and asked him to try and forget the idea, and then i said the words that possibly would seal our destinies: "besides, it would be really weird for a woman like me to be dating an underage, right?"
modesty aside, i couldn't blame him. we always got along really well and to be fair, i'm a sexy woman even today. thing was, i HADN'T felt sexy in many years, i hadn't felt desired by a guy after his father disappeared forever. i became conflicted because i had liked that a guy was attracted enough to me to jerk off like that, even if it was my own son.
the topic never came up for years, and i no longer found cum in my panties, but i'd lie if i said i didn't give it a thought, specially since i started to notice him becoming a man, taller, stronger, more handsome. still, we never brought it up again, and i never told a soul.
until his 18th birthday. it was a sunday, so the family plan was just him and me going out to eat and have his first legal alcoholic beverages... both of us had a few of those. when we came back to our place... he came on to me and kissed me out of the blue. i now recognize i liked that immediately, but thought it was wrong i pushed him away. he kept insisting that since he was now an adult we could give it a shot, but i kept rejecting me... until he forced himself on me. i was scared at first but a part of me wanted it. i didn't really fight him, and then came a point when i let him have his way. it was a very conflicting experience because i kept enjoying it while i knew i shouldn't. i just stayed there and said nothing while he fucked me... i couldn't have know back then because i didn't know how it was supposed to feel, but he gave me my first orgasm. and then he came inside me. it was so confusing that we just lay here for a few seconds, before i came around and realized what we just had done. we had a really ugly fight and i kicked him out of the house.
i didn't speak to him for about three months, only much later did i find out he was staying at his best friend's place (we had no other family). i was very conflicted about the whole thing: how wrong it was against how i actually enjoyed it, how dirty and angry against him i felt for forcing himself on me, even if i had, in some level, wanted to do it. how much i missed him. he didn't reach out because of fear, but when i did ask him to come back to the house he said he regretted what he did to me and begged for my forgiveness. but by then i had decided i would kiss him.
and then we made love several times that night. and i orgasmed some more. and he told me he loved me and wanted us to be a couple, despite what people said. our relationship started that night, with some ground rules, most notably that no one could know, despite his well-intended idealism, and that we'd get him through college first before we could think of a life together.
six years later, we're living abroad, somewhere far away from home and, unless someone bothers to look at our birth certificates, we can come across as a real couple, even if some people frown upon us because we look like a cougar that scored some poor kid. both of us work a few oddjobs to make ends meet while he attempts to find better employment. still we have enough for a small place of our own, that's the only thing we need.
we have a few friends, but they don't know the real nature of our relationship. in public he calls me by my given name, but in bed, and it really turns us on, he calls me mom. our sexuality is saw raw and honest, and he's capable of equally making love to me as a soulmate, just as much as fucking me like his fuck toy. i just love that image of us, the petite cougar me against his raw, juvenile strength.
and even if we mostly do anal, which we discovered together and drives me crazy, pregnancy is really not a worry for us. i was left infertile by a rather ugly accident when he was young, so we are capable of having as much unprotected sex as we want.


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  • My Mom bathed me every day when I was young, that started right after my Dad left us. It continued right up until I got married, and even today she always wants to help me bathe when I come for a visit. When I was about 12 or 13 and started getting erections, she would take a lot of time washing my genitals, until I would climax. Now, there isn't even any pretense about it. It makes her happy and I don't mind. Sometimes I suck on her nipples while she does it.

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  • Don’t feel bad, at the age of 39, when my son turned 18 he and I became lovers. We have been lover’s ever since and that was 7 years ago. Of course we aren’t legally married but we do carry ourselves as if we were. We both wear wedding bands and of course we share the last name. Lastly my son and I are the parents of two beautiful and healthy children. Of course people would be applaud if they knew, so be it. All I know is that we are extremely happy, I know I am. We’re in love, our sex life is beyond amazing. I wouldn’t trade my life for the winning Powerball numbers and the Jackpot was a billion dollars.

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  • Back in 95, my mom, and I got into a relationship, when I was 11, when she was 27. We were on a Disney cruise on spring break, when it started, we were in our cabin in our swimsuits, I was in my speedo, she was in her bikini, I got a speedo bulge, her tits got hard in her bikini bra. She was so impressed with how hard my dick got in my speedo, she wasted no time doing me a handjob, we had sex with each other in out cabin, we both kept it quiet, nobody knew, and my dick felt good erupting up her cunt, even for age 11. Fastforword to mid July 95, my mom got home from work, I was in my little jean shorts, wearing them made my dick hard, they were so short, my mom smiled at me, and rubbed me down there. The a few minutes later, she called me to her room, she had on a new pair of tight black short shorts, and a new big white long sleeve blouse, smiled as she lifted her blouse up to her bra, she had a barely there baby bump, swept beneath the front of her short shorts, and for the first time, her short shorts stretched over her navel. Then she said "Here honey, won't you feel our baby." We both sat at the corner of my mom's bed, I sat with my legs open enough for my mom to notice the bulge between my short shorts, where she did a handjob on me, when I felt our baby. It wasn't long before I erupted in my short shorts, by then, my mom was so horny, she didn't even care that her bed sheets were a little stained from seed shooting out my dick through my shorts, her cunt juice seeped out between the crotch her short shorts anyway...

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  • I, too, first fucked my mum when I was 11. My father was an alcoholic, and hadn't put it up her in 7 months. Mum was desperate. She first sucked me off, swallowing all my cum. and continued to suck me until I was hard enough to fuck her. That was 9 years ago. My father has now left home, and Mum and me live as man and wife. Although she's 16 years older than me, I could never think of fucking a younger woman.

  • You lucky man. I fucked my mother from ages 14-26. Wish it would have started when I was 11

  • Labor day weekend 95, my mom's tummy started filling out. We were borh in the middle of a remote pond that weekend, she was in her yellow chiffon short shorts, and matching blouse, her breasts were all nice, and filled out in her maternity bra underneath that blouse. I was in my tiny little black bike shorts I wore as a speedo, cuz my dick gets so big, when it's so hard. There my mom lifted her blouse up to her bra, to let me feel our baby, and what a blossoming baby bump she grew under the front of her short shorts. I'll never forget how her little swath of bare midriff grew between her bra and short shorts, how hard it made my dick in my bike shorts. By January 96, my mom had our girl.

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  • No. I wouldn't dare expose ourselves like that.

  • Good choice woman. Their imagination is plenty.

  • My mother and I have been in a sexual relationship since I was a kid. I had my own bedroom, but we always slept in her bed. I know some people won't understand that it feels totally natural and normal to have sex with my mother. I knew that it was our secret and most mothers and son's didn't have sex with each other. I always wondered why not, I always liked having sex with my mother, it was fun and pleasurable. I had a very good teacher and I was a expert at eating pussy and fucking
    at the age 13. I have always had girlfriends growing up and always had sex with my mother on the side, who would ever think that we are fucking?

  • I was divorced, and had been without sex for five months when I taught my 12-year-old son to fuck me. He's 19 now, and not an evening goes past without him fucking me at least once. We share the same bed together. I'm carrying his son now. I hadn't been on the pill because our family doctor had mistakenly told me that I couldn't have anymore children!

  • After you give birth to your sons son we can have a sexual relationship with your other son

  • Love you

  • Hey, I'm from the other post. Love this story, I bet you love having your son cum inside of you. How often do you fuck?

  • We love it, and we love to fantasize with the risk of him getting me pregnant, even if that's not possible for me. but the taboo around it is such a turn on.
    we fuck at least a couple of times per week. we experiment and make a habit of it to keep the spark alive, like any couple would.

  • It is definitely possible. I posted on another confession here about my relationship with my mom and we have a son and daughter already with another son due in May. There is no single thing hotter than being in the delivery room when my mom gave birth to our kids knowing they are coming from the same place I did.

  • What I meant is, as written in my story, I'm infertile now. He couldn't get me pregnant even if we wanted to. Which is fine, it's better to just have him for myself without any worries.

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