Crotch sniffing

I used to work in a sports shop at a luxury health club, it was very exclusive with high prices.
During my two years working there whenever a customer tried on leggings or yoga pants and didn’t buy them I would smell the crotch after.
I’ve smelt some very unusual smells and lots of lovely smelling crotches.
One of my favourites was one customer bought some gym leggings and returned them within an hour with a faulty ankle zip, the crotch was still dump from sweat.
Another favourite was a customer trying on several different yoga pants, she came out of the changing room saying she wanted better lighting, this lady did not have any underwear on, she pulled them up as tight as she could showing the biggest and deepest cameltoe I’ve ever seen, this lady crotch smelt of expensive perfume.
Any returns I would give a thorough inspection! I’ve seen many pubes left in the crotch, you have to look very closely for those, I’ve also seen crusty pussy juice staining.

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  • I worked in an expensive shoe store years ago and did the same thing with heels that women tried on. Whenever I had to go to the back room for a different size, I couldn't resist smelling the sweet scent of a woman's foot. I loved that job!

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