Snowstorm and sex 2....

I wrote on here the last time the Northeast had a snow storm and now I get to write again!

One of my neighbors is a 60+ old widow. She's kinda chubby, short blonde hair and a pleasant woman. Last snow storm, I volunteered to shovel her drive way and while rewarding me with dinner she finished dinner with a blowjob.

So now that takes us to last night. I went on over and volunteered to shovel her driveway. After I was done she invited me in for some dinner and wine. She opened up on how embarrassed she felt about last time we spent an evening together due to our ages and all. I told her I didn't mind and reassured her that we are just 2 adults having fun who enjoy each others company. To reassure her I told her that I was sweaty from work and shoveling and I wanted her to accompany me in the shower. She was so flattered and shy. After a little bit of convincing we went in.

We soaped each other up so much! It was wild. She told me i was the first and only man to ever lick her ass. She gave me oral. I told her not to finish me because I wanted to go to her bedroom. We had the most incredible passionate sex ever. We 69'd, I used her dildo on her, she used her dildo on me while giving me oral. I then fucked her missionary until i came. I love snowstorms but I'm gonna make this a weekly thing.

thank you goodnight

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  • Sounds like you had a great time with her.

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