I’ve seen my girlfriend daughter pussy

Last weekend at my girlfriend house she said the laptop is so slow you can’t use it.
I don’t know much about computers so I started by deleting a few things, her 17 year old daughter uses it the most so asking her what files she needs.
After awhile I had managed to free up 6.2 gigabytes and the thing seemed to work a little better.
Before restarting it I double checked what I was going to permanently delete from the trash, scrolling down what seemed like forever and right at the bottom must have been over a hundred pictures, as I made the pictures bigger you could see she had been taking screenshots of herself naked, most were blurry but the few closeups were of her squatting over the built in webcam showing her pussy hole.
It’s nothing like her mother’s!

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  • Nothing wrong with looking, just keep in mind that possession of naked pics of underage kids, even on a computer used by said kids and accessible by an adult, is a crime.

  • Sooooo what you're saying is that he should keep them on an a micro SD card lol

  • I got a good long look at my 11 year old niece's pussy, her and I were the only two in the hot tub that night. She stood up and sat down on the edge of the tub, her bikini bottom fell open when she layed back and raised her feet up onto the top of the tub. Her legs were spread wide apart and I could see her beautiful bald pussy lips clearly. I was shocked to see how big her clit was, it was protruding from between her labia and had a big long hood over top with lips hanging off the sides. It was the most amazing and beautiful pussy I ever saw. I never thought that an 11 year old girl could have such a large clitoris and labia. I watched her pussy for a couple of minutes and I have masturbated everyday since.

  • Ask her about playing Doctors & Nurses and get a syringe full of sperm up there!

  • You should have given her sweet young pussy a good licking.

  • Ask her to show you the real thing

  • Does she know you've seen them

  • Well if that is astounding !!! most teenagers male or female take photo's of themselves nude and rude.
    Just ask her if she wants them saved or not, please let us know the reaction ?

  • Did you wank to them?

  • Did you kept any

  • Did you save any for yourself?

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