What a bitch

My girlfriend asked if I could help one of her work college, her husband has left her leaving her with two kids 7 and 9 and she is struggling.
Between us I’m the only one that drives, I’ve been collecting, dropping off basically being a taxi.
I got a call from my girlfriend before leaving work one day, she asked if I could drive past her friend house to see if she was ok, she had gone home from work early not feeling well and arranged for her Mum to have the kids after school.
Passing the house I could see a light on in each window, so I thought I would knock on the door to see if she was ok, as I approached the door I could hear voices giggling, knocked on the door and she opened it with just her head showing and her body behind the door, as I said hello I saw one bloke in just boxer shorts walk past her into another room and another bloke with just a towel around his waist in the kitchen.
I told my girlfriend what I saw and she’s not believing it, saying that’s nothing like her friend.
It’s now been 4 days me and the girlfriend have not been talking because of this, I’ve said if she needs any help to ask one of her male friends.
Me thinks her husband left for the right reasons.

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