"sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter".

"sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". I want to start a female only speciality business. there is a need in society for it.
paying a male model gigolo for massage therapy and sex .its therapeutic treatments right safe sex comdons and sex health checks. what is so wrong with opening a massage parlour that is private and caters for women without lovers or in need of some handsome stud beautiful sexual massage and sexual relief. Men have them so why can't women? there is nothing wrong with it and why can't the govt help fund it in health care. "sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". want not waste not! principle applies here. Want in this proverb = need or lack. So, the meaning is that if you don't waste X, you can avoid lacking or needing X. It is advising against waste because you might want it in the future. It was allegedly first recorded in 1772 but had an earlier willful waste makes woeful want version recorded in 1576! its as old as the hills. well it certainly would calm anxiety levels down and depression, in the moment you can save a lot more on govt paying out for all these depressed separated and divorced women. I don't feel bad about going to one. its a public need. its relaxing and calms you down. I think its as important as gym or social life and all kinds of things. its just a service contract and business what is wrong with it? nothing!


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  • I always thought that a gangbang crew of 6 to 10 men all with large cocks, would be a good business. Many women have a gangbang fantasy but can't fulfill their fantasies without being discovered. I believe most women want to be gangbanged and it would be a great service.

  • I for got about "sex lives matter" as soon as I heard about it.

  • Not sure if you will get the support from our Government, but the thought is good. While on vacation in Aruba my wife was able to enjoy a very nice massage from a young man, who was more than happy to do all he could to please her. In the end she was very happy to have a young cock in her mouth, and pounding her pussy. It's a woman right.

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