Learning how to give a blow job part I

I was in my room during my teenage years reading my stack of Cosmos when I ran across the article again on how to please a man and what he wants from you. I had already read it probably a dozen times and it was focused on how to please him orally but without all the graphic details and pretty much just left it to my imagination. It was at this moment that I had one of the dirtiest thoughts of my life, I could find out what makes a penis tick and he would probably let me do what ever I wanted with it. My brother is two years younger than I am and at the time he was around thirteen so I knew he had to be masturbating by now. What guy would not want a mouth in place of his hand playing with his penis? Unless of course he had morals and would never let his sister do such a thing.
The idea stayed with me for a few days, I just kept getting nervous that he would tell our parents then what would I do, but really, would he? I mean why would he not want me to play with it. I finally got up the nerve and walked into his room and the conversation went something like this, I mean it was about fifteen years ago so I do not remember it word for word.
"Hey, Luke, what are you doing?", he was sitting in front of his computer.
"Nothing much, why what do you need me to do now", he said.
"I was wondering if you would do me a favor but if you do not want to do it you have to promise not to say a word to mom and dad".
This made him a little curious and he turned around finally and looked at me.
"Okay, promise, so what did you do this time?" he asked.
"Nothing, I just want to do something but I am worried you will think I am weird. I want to touch your dick."
Even as those words went out across the room my brain was already telling me it came out totally wrong. I mean there were three other boys that came to mind even after I asked him and I was thinking to myself that they would surely let me touch their dick.
He did not even hesistate though, he just looked at me and said sure.
Now I was really dumb founded, he had just told me he was fine with it and I was drawing a complete blank in my brain. I stood there thinking, shit i just asked my brother if I could play with his dick and he said okay, cool, fine, sure. I finally got some more words out of my mouth.
"Great or Okay" came out and he then asked me when I wanted to do this.
"How about right now, I would really like to just touch it today if your good with it".
He got up and laid down on his bed, he asked me if I wanted to pull down his pants or have him do it. I remember him pulling them down and his penis flopping straight up then landing on his pubic area. I sat down on the bed next to him but facing away, I reached out and started touching it with both hands and fingers. It was so warm and hard, much harder than I imagined it would be and the head was wider than the shaft which for some reason intrigued me. I caressed and stroked him for quite some time when I suddenly noticed some clear liquid come out of the hole in the tip. He was really hard and I rubbed it with my finger but was not stroking him at all. I knew he was ready to burst now and started stroking him hard, he started to orgasm seconds later and it shot straight up in the air, I remember actually watching it go higher than my eyes and land on his stomach. I pumped and pumped as he came making it shoot all over his stomach and run down my hands. He was breathing hard as hell and smiling, he had his hands on his eyes pushing his head into the pillow. I looked back down at his penis slowly stroking it as it pulsated in my fingers.
I had just given my first hand job and apperantly I did it correctly.

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