Married....miss anal

I'm 28 male married for a year now new born daughter. I love my family very much. But I miss my ex very much.not emotionally but physically. I miss the sex and oral she could suck d!¢k like no tomorrow. Gave me anal anytime I wanted it outfits toys and was into girls too. I just straight up miss the fun. It doesn't help I see her often at my work, enough to drive a guy crazy. The struggle is real. Any lady's want to help take my mind off this ??

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  • I know how you feel, my ex girlfriend was an anal freak too. She practically let me do anal anytime I wanted to. I literally used to fuck her up the arse about 4 times a day It was amazing.

  • If she was that good as sucking and ass fucking why is she your ex ?? ,

  • My best guess is she was probably a bit crazy, not sure why, but it seems women who are great in bed and super sexual tend to be a bit more needier and higher maintenance. I'm sure there's the equivalent for us guys too, maybe the dangerous dude.

  • That's exactly it. I dated a freak for 8 years but she also had to fuck everyone else and was crazy as hell. I thought about her for years after because very few women are true sex freaks and they are so good.

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