Smelling Panties

I know lots of guys (and some girls!) like me enjoy smelling a woman’s worn panties; often while masturbating. I have smelled all types of panties belonging to all types of women from young girls and teens, my neice and daughters of women I have dated, roommates, up to women in their 60’s, 70’s and yes... once a woman friend in her 80’s! I have even smelled one of my girlfriends and all three of her sisters! I will borrow anyone’s panties. Strangers I have not even met. Visiting friends at their home, any opportunity I get to go to someone’s bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room and locate the hamper I do it! I think it started around the time I began having sex and going down on a girl around age 19. I have had a panty fetish as early as childhood and can definitely remember playing with panties and masturbating with them and wearing them as early as age 12. As a 14 or 15 year old boy the only sexy panties I really had access to were my moms. She had a black silky pair for date nights and I used to put those on and lay on my tummy and hump a pillow or blanket and ejaculate into them. I wish I had known at an earlier age the scent of a woman and how pleasant it is. I had a younger sister and when she was 12, 13, 14 I totally could have been using her cute white cotton bikinis to cum! Maybe I did and just don’t temember? I wonder if not figuring this out at an earlier age has something to do with puberty, sexual activity, or hormones? Maybe just too afraid of getting caught lol! I am now 40 years old and continue to have intense orgasms while taking in a beautifully scented pair of undies...the pheromones driving me into a hot intense orgasm. I have bought a few from strangers, have done exchanges with some women, and I have a few girlfriends that loan me their’s to enjoy from time to time. I do not think it will ever get old or boring as so many women smell slightly different and at different times of their cycle. I think the most exciting part besides the aroma, is discovering someone’s worn underwear without them knowing and the possibility of getting caught taking in there scent while pleasuring myself especially if it’s in their bathroom or bedroom :-)


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  • My wife has friends over all the time to enjoy our pool and after they are all in their suits for swimming and sunning I go into their stuff and sniff their panties. Awesome scents and I never ever saw this added benefit when I had the pool put in the yard. I figured I was going to be getting to see some really hot women in next to nothing and not to mention my wife surprising the hell out of me and swimming naked all the time but I never thought about sniffing their panties. I was downstairs using the bathroom and she only had one friend over, the woman had used the room to change into her suit and her panties were tucked under her shorts on the edge of the tub. I pulled them out and unfolded them then put the crotch right onto my nose, they were damp and the scent was intoxicating. I do it all the time now and it is such a rush.

  • Mmmm yes! This is a perfect example of the opportunities that I take! This is exactly what happened when my girlfriend had two of her sisters over to the cabin. Everyone put on their bathing suits to take the kayaks out on the water and folded their panties and shorts on top of the bed. I went back to the cabin to get changed and took advantage of the situation and went in to their bedroom and took their panties to the bathroom. Holding both of the sisters panties to my nose one at a time and determining whose scent I liked better while I masturbated and talked to another woman on the phone about it. She was Just as excited for me and helped push me over the edge by listening and telling me how naughty I was.

  • Do you taste them too? I always do and it just adds to the pleasure. I love not knowing who the woman is but being able to smell and taste her vagina.

  • Yessir that’s how I made extra money in high school and college, panties for sale.

  • You are female and sell your panties? I just started selling my friends panties for her. Listed one pair and got a buyer in one day!

  • I’m interested ;)

  • Oh and if you want to buy her Undies, go on Sofia Grey and look for 50 year old women in North Carolina! I have one blue pair listed right now that a guy just bought, but I will be posting many many more starting tomorrow!

  • Her name on there is SpicyAromatics. Oh and trust me...her pissy and asshole smell very lovely. You won’t be disappointed. She has a nice naturally strong pleasant odor.

  • Yeah, me too lol! I don’t ever taste them really... it’s just the pheromones that drive me wild.

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