Can’t get enough sex now

I love being such a slut. Over the last couple years I’m addicted to sex. I’m 45 but my husband can’t keep up so I have sex with other men 2 or 3 times per week. Two of my neighbors, my daughters ex bf (18), a current coworker, my gf’s husband (she knows), my former realtor, my former boss and two other colleagues that used to work with. My husband says that I needed to find a boyfriend. He knows the neighbor and my coworker have sex with me occasionally. He was actually quite encouraging about it. He even encouraged me to go without a condom since he knows how much I love the feeling of cum in me. He doesn’t know about the others and that I let them all bare in me too.


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  • Be smart about this. Get yourself tested and ask the men who are fucking you bareback to get tested, and all future studs to get tested before hand. You sound like you are an STD factory on legs

  • Shannon and I have a great relationship, she has always made me feel that I am the one she should be with till the end. At the same time I have always known she has a higher sex drive than me.
    At some point she came to me and told me she gave a male dancer a blowjob, after we talked I found that it meant nothing to her, but fun. After some time went buy I had told her how much I loved her and I want her to be happy.
    The bottom line was if you can and it does not affect our life together then have fun.

  • I want my wife to do this too

  • I totally dig it. Good on you. My wife has sex with a couple other guys. Not because I can't get it up. It's because I work a lot of hours and she's horny a lot. She asked one night if she could have a friend over. I asked for what. She said, "I wanna fuck him." I said, "Lol". She said, "Not kidding. I'm horny and he said it didnt matter if I was married." I said, "He have a big dick?" She said, "Want me to find out?" I said yes. She didn't text back for about an hour. I said, "Well?" She said, "Can't move atm." I said, "Why? Everything ok?" She said, "Oh I'm fine. I'm just spent. Yes, big dick."

  • Did you really say, "LOL" ? :)

  • Your my type of woman

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