I have fucked more asses than I can count

I admit it...

I love ass. I'm addicted to ass. I love the shape. I love the feel. I love the taste and smell. Of course I LOVE to fuck. Who doesn't? That's why we are reading these posts...
...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE fucking a hot, tight ass! I never wanted to be addicted but my wife has no interest in ass play so I had to look elsewhere. Every woman I meet, my first though is how would her ass taste? After that I try to make it happen.

She as had no idea but I would literally fuck every friend of hers in the ass. Is that bad? I want to taste them sooooooooo fucking bad.


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  • What does your wife think about you fucking other women in the ass? Is she ok with it?

  • How high can you count? Single digits I presume, but what about double digits?


  • I can lick and tongue fuck my wife's ass all I want but she won't let be butt fuck her anymore. She says I'm to large for her little hole. Being large isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • Have you told your wife that you want to fuck her friends in the ass? Would you also fuck their pussies too?

  • How do you do it? I'm 29 male and single, and have been with 8 women so far. None of them have ever wanted to be fucked in the ass.

  • Nothing is better than a nice phat ass, to smack and lick

  • Scatalogicaly delicious

  • Me too, love tight little holes

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