I feel very embarrassed that this kind of dream got me horny

My dream the other night:

"My step son decided to stay over it was getting late so me and my husband decided to go to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen to get a drink and there was my step son getting a drink too. We were talking I saw that his cock was starting to get hard and something came over me and I dropped to my knees and my mouth was wrapped around his hard cock and I heard him slightly moan and I knew I was doing a good job so I kept sucking and using every technique I could and then I see my husband standing quietly in the door (my step son's back was facing the doorway). I kept sucking and then I stood up and turned around and let him slide his cock into my pussy and he fucked me there in the kitchen while my husband (his dad) watched and stroking his cock, when I knew he was close to cumming I went back to my knees and sucked him dry. After we were done I went back to bed and we went back out to the living room. As I climbed back into bed my husband pulled me close whispered in my ear that how he was shocked and turned on at the same time and then fucked me like the slut I am."

I woke up horny as hell from this dream and masturbated till I made myself cum. My orgasm was so intense that i came all over my fingers.

I never thought a dream like this would turn me on to the point of being so horny that I masturbated.


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  • One must wonder how these girls create these stories. They obviously have good writers.

  • Good point. I've replied with similar comment to many posters & they never argue, debate or offer a rebuttal. Either that or many times a dame has actually & fully participated the event[s] stated however they label it as a dream to avoid confessing to such behavior. They are really sexually obedient, servicing girls who, even anonymously, are terrified to admit to being sexually subservient as a admitted reflection of mostly their entire gender.

    Like here, the scumbag more than likely has an account whereby 75% to 80% of what she accounted for is genuine.

  • Let us talk to each other, say nasty dirty things to each other until we cum, all live.

  • Then go fuck him for real

  • Nice story, I read that on literotica

  • I have never post d on literotica, but there might be something similar to this. But this was my dream I had.

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