I love dick

I've always wanted to know why women don't tell men their secret. Women never tell men how good dick really is. I didn't know it was that good until I got my first dick up my ass. Ever since then it is all I think about. I know you're thinking I just got turned out but I still like pussy but dick is so much better. And trannies are so much sexier the real women, and nastier too. Trannies do things to me that I can't get real women to do. I was talking to a woman once about that very same topic and she said that trannies were taking their men. I think that if women acted more like trannies they wouldn't have anything to worry about. All I know is that if women don't want all the dick that's out there, I'll take it.

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  • I was at a sex shop a week or so ago. Looking for some good lube to jack off with. Not the stuff that would get sticky after a few minutes. A girl was helping me. I asked how she knew all this stuff. She said she wasn't the average girl and if I wanted to know what exactly she meant I could have her number. I texted her that night. Went over. Saw a glorious cock, an amazing ass and perfect tits.

  • I absolutely love to suck dick. I’ve taken it in the ass, the physical sensation was good, but not great. What I really loved about it was the feeling of submission. That was the ultimate submission.

  • I love COCK. love it.

  • There is plenty enough dick to go around for everybody.

  • I would love to find some man to suck too

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