Teenager cock play

I have no idea why but I do remember it being Tony's idea.
The three of us were sleeping in a tent in my backyard and were around 13 at the time. I am younger than the other two by a year and they both brought porn mags over with their sleeping bags. This happened long before the internet was around so porn mags stolen from our dads were all we had to look at back then.
So we are all up late and the batteries in our flashlights are going dead from looking at pictures and reading sex stories so we decide to call it a night. Tony keeps on talking a little bit though then for some reason asks if either one of us has a hard on still. I was just joking around when I told him I was hard as a rock but the next thing I hear him say is can I feel it. I think about it for a second then pull back my bag, pull down my shorts and tell him sure. Well it took him a minute to work is way over and the anticipation was getting me hard so after like 20 seconds of fumbling around I feel his fingers on my cock. I stiffened right up with only a few strokes and he told me holy shit, your cock is huge. I had not really ever thought of it as huge but I also did not have anything to really compare it to in my life yet. Truth be told he was the only other person so far in my life to touch it. He was seriously gripping my cock when the other friend says he has his out to and does anyone want to touch his cock.
I reached out in the darkness and could feel his legs but I could not reach up high enough to touch it so he slid closer. It was a strange but exciting experience touching his cock, he had very little pubic hair and his balls were smooth. Tony was still stroking mine while I began touching the other one when after a minute or so I felt a warm wet sensation on my cock head followed by a suck and pull, he had started sucking on my cock. I was so turned on that I had already began to feel the stirring in my balls before his mouth was on it. I whispered out that I was going to cum if he did not stop sucking on me and sure enough seconds later I was filling his mouth with sperm. He did not gag at all but I did hear him swallowing pretty hard and moaning out some while he held still and stroked me. I could not beleive he was swallowing me down as he started sucking on me more and squeezing my cock to get more out.
Tony lifted up his head and body and told us that was great then I heard him ask if he could suck on the other cock. I did not know what to say but when I felt his fingers on mine and the other cock I pulled away and heard him sucking away on his second one of the night. The only thing I could think to do was slide my hand down and start stroking Tony, I did this and suddenly he stopped what he was doing and pulled off his shorts. He began moving around getting himself above me, I heard him whisper to please suck on his dick and I just did it. I slid myself down and under him and started stroking and sucking on his cock. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to suck and swallow his sperm when it started or I would have most certainly done it in a different position. I felt the first burst of sperm hit the back of my throat and gagged a little bit from it but managed to keep the rest in my mouth while he pumped a little bit with his hips. I was really lucky that he did not just drive it to the back of my throat and gag me to losing it.
He asked if I was alright and lifted up his hips, I was sliding out from under him and felt his cock dragging across my face and head. I told him sure, it was great and still heard him sucking on my other friend. He finally came and I coud not beleive it when Tony finished him off and turned around asking me if I was hard again. He told me to lay down because he wanted to feel my huge cock in his mouth again, I laid back and got the second cock sucking of my life so far and it was one of the best blow jobs of my life.
He sucked with such vigor that for the next several years of my life and I had no idea at the time that this was going to be some of the best blow jobs I would ever receive. His family moved away and I never heard from him again but I sure do miss those old days of him sucking on my cock. Sometimes it was just the two of us sleeping out in the tent and he would suck and suck on me until I thought it was going to fall off, I would love for that to happen again.

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  • I was the youngest in our group of 5 neighborhood boys ranging in age from 8 (me) to 14. Not sure where they got the idea, but they got me to start sucking their cocks. This was early 1960's and went on for a few years.

  • Hot. I had a very similar experience about the same age but it was with my best friend and his older brother. Good times.

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